If you are still focused on the rise and fall of your crypto wallet as a Crypto.com user you are missing out on the real deal. The real deal that has the flow is the ongoing Crypto.com’s 6th anniversary campaign. The campaign comes with lots of general gifts to go around for all users and some country-specific giveaways.

Crypto.com has always believed that users are the principal driving force behind the growth of the ecosystem. Therefore, they have decided to give back to the long-time supporters of the network. The anniversary reward program will last from 30th June to 14th July. 

To begin with, Crypto.com has increased its Crypto.com referral bonus by a multiple of four. For such an enormous increase in referral bonus, you would expect the conditions to get the bonus to change. Here, the conditions remain the same. You can earn up to $100 per referral from now till 14th July.

All you need to know about the Special Referral Bonus Program

The first interesting thing to know about the referral bonus program is that there is no cap on how many referrals you can make within this period. You can invite as many family and friends to enjoy the huge bonus offer. New users who join after 30th June through a referral link of a verified Crypto.com member will get the bonus.

How to participate?

As a referee:

  • You need to complete your KYC on your Crypto.com app
  • Copy your referral code or link to invite friends to download the Crypto.com app
  • Keep track of family and friends that have joined through your link
  • Earn rewards after every successful referral

To keep track of your invites and get your referral code and link;

  • Click the blue logo by the side of the home screen in your Crypto.com app
  • You will find your referral code, link, and number of invites on this page

To get a successful referral, the new user must;

  1. Download the Crypto.com app
  2. Complete their KYC registration
  3. Stake CRO and reserve any metal crypto.com card during the campaign period.

What determines the amount you will get per referral during the campaign period is the number of years you have been using your Crypto.com app. For Crypto.com users that have used the app. 

  • For more than 3 years, you will get $100 per referral, 
  • For 2 years, you will get $75 per referral, 
  • For users that have used the app for just a year, you will get $50,
  • For new users that just downloaded the app after 30th June, you will $25.

Finally, for the referral program, all users, irrespective of the years, will only receive the regular reward bonus ($25) immediately. All bonuses on each referral will be paid to users 21 days after the Cronos 6th anniversary. For instance, if you are a 3-year Crypto.com user, for every referral you make during the special referral campaign, you will only get $25 per referral. The $75 on each referral will be paid out after the 14th of July.

Apart from the general special referral offer campaign, there are also other reward campaigns that you can try out for the Cronos 6th anniversary campaign. 

Country-specific giveaways

In celebration of Crypto.com’s 6th-anniversary campaign, there is a UFC giveaway. The UFC giveaway is country specific and is not available to some users in some countries. For instance, you have the UFC giveaway for users living in the United States and Australia. 

For the United States Aston Martin giveaway, only users in the United States can participate. To take part you must;

  1. Be 18 years or older at the time of the entry
  2. Have an active email account and internet access before the entry period
  3. Not be a Crypto.com employee
  4. be an existing Crypto.com user

The entry period for the giveaway will be specified by Crypto.com. The task to enter the sweepstakes includes but is not limited to:

  1. Follow crypto.com on Twitter
  2. Comment and tag one friend on the Crypto.com Twitter post “Win exclusive UFC Athlete Memorabilia”

Only one entry is allowed per entry and winners of the giveaway will be selected at random.

Crypto.com’s 6th anniversary presents lots of opportunities to increase your crypto hodlings or make extra cash by completing simple tasks. Many users have given to the community, it is now time for the community to give back to its users.

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