While the crypto world was focused on the unstable trend in the prices of tokens, the Crypto.com team continues to look for ways to smoothen your experience while using its app. Welcome back from checking the prices of assets; while you are away, three notable changes have been made to your Crypto.com app. While some changes are easily seen on the app, others might take a quick guide to appreciate. 

While you are away, Crypto.com re-added the feature to view your total balance. You can now set target price orders, and you can now trade with BUSD on your Crypto.com app. Let’s look at the beauty of having each of these features in your app and how they improve your convenience.  

View your total balance in the Crypto.com App

While new users of the Crypto.com app might not be familiar with “viewing total balance” on the crypto.com app, some existing users used this feature before it was removed from preceding updates. With this feature, you can view your crypto asset’s total balance in one glance without having to go to each wallet to check. 

One thing this feature will not give you is the breakdown of your balances. However, it is an excellent feature to have back and we are sure many users will agree with us. To improve user privacy while using this feature, you can choose to toggle between viewing and hiding your total balance.

This feature is available on the homepage of your Crypto.com app in the upper center section. To toggle between view/hide modes, you should click the eye icon beside the “TOTAL BALANCE” text. While you may worry that your “view/hide” toggle setting will reset once you close your Crypto.com app, your settings remain intact even when you restart the app. So, if you leave your total balance in hiding mode when you close the app, it will remain hidden when you re-launch the app.

Another option you would like to explore with this feature is the ability to choose which currency to view your total balance. To change your current currency to a new one;

  • Click the “settings icon” in the top left corner
  • Under the ACCOUNT section, select “Payment Currency
  • Select your new desired currency and confirm
  • Follow the prompt and “Tap anywhere to continue

Set Target price orders in your Crypto.com App

The target order feature is one you can find in top crypto exchanges. This feature gives you more flexibility and greater control over your crypto trades. A target price order is an order request that enables you to define the price at which you want to execute a purchase or sell order. Unless and until the market price meets your predetermined target price, the trade will not be executed. 

A target price is a tool that enables you to buy or sell assets at a markdown to the current market value. Because Target Price Orders are automated, you won’t have to monitor the market or worry about losing out on a good deal.

Target Price Orders may only be used for crypto-to-crypto exchanges. When a Target Price Order is made, the relevant financing amount for Target Buy Orders or crypto assets to be sold for Target Sell Orders will be instantly locked. After the order has been made, the funds or crypto-assets cannot be utilized anywhere else in the app.

To use the target price order in your Crypto.com app by;

  • Click the Crypto.com logo on your app
  • In the trade section, select “Target price

In the target price section, you will find all the tools you need to execute a target price order.

You can now trade using BUSD

Binance USD (BUSD) has been added to the Crypto.com App’s expanding list of supported cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, which now includes Bitcoin (BTC), USD Coin (USDC), and Crypto.com Coin (CRO).

Binance and Paxos have teamed together to create BUSD, a crypto stablecoin pegged at one dollar per BUSD. The stablecoin is allowed by and governed by the New York State Department of Financial Services. It is a digital fiat currency supported by ERC-20 that aspires to combine the stability of the dollar with the benefits of blockchain technology.

The Crypto.com team continues to work on development areas to enhance the experience of all users (investors, developers, and traders) on the app. Let’s know which of these fresh additions you have tried and what you think about them.

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