In the last few months since launch, Cronos chain has experienced an explosion in growth, securing its place as one of the top smart contract blockchains. As a proud community contributor in the Cronos Ecosystem, we are extremely grateful and humbled by all the support from #crofam. 

Earning that respect and trust from everyone doesn’t happen overnight. It’s built through actions and transparent communication. To provide more insight on what The Cronicle is all about, we want to share more details about who we are, our goals, features that set us apart, and clearly share our disclaimers for all to see. We hope this helps you understand exactly what we do and our dedication in providing quality news, marketing, and educational awareness. 

Core Team Members

Important Note: 

TheDev100x and BugzKG were originally from BSCTimes and PolygonTimes. TheDev100x was Co-Founder and worked on and development. Created connections on BSC and Polygon, however wishing to pursue other matters and business relationship strain, TheDev100x left BSCTimes/PolygonTimes. He was bought out of the company and no longer does any business with the current team. 

Bugz was Project Manager for BSCTimes and PolygonTimes. In charge of managing projects, writers, and social media tweets and posts. Due to the strain of her day job and interest in a different blockchain, Bugz left BSCTimes and PolygonTimes to avoid conflicts of interest. 

TheDev100x and BugzKG are still listed on the sites as contacts as seen below. However, when messaged on telegram they refer the projects to, as he’s the new editor in chief of the CryptoTimesNetwork. They no longer have access to the email nor do they have admin rights.


The Cronicle News Co-Founder and Web Developer. Spends a lot of his time as a Financial Auditor helping secure hundreds of millions of dollars worth of assets. Has 10+ years of web development experience and 6+ years of crypto knowledge and experience. Worked with various crypto projects including end to end development/implementation and brings vast knowledge of coding, design, sales, and marketing experience to the team. Can be contacted most easily on Telegram, but also has a Twitter.  


Co-Founder and Business Development Manager. Passionate about crypto and Cronos and brings extensive hands-on experience using’s offerings. Active in the CDC community for years. Owner of the Kahoobb Youtube channel, with over 1.6M views, he is in charge of  managing The Cronicle News Youtube Channel. Can be contacted via Telegram


Operations, Project Manager, & Graphic Designer. Bugz made a name for herself in the crypto world, securing her place on Twitter as Crypto Bugz. She single-handedly created #bugzfam, whose goal is to spread #bugzlove to all. She also co-founded BugzKingdom, cute Bugzerfly NFTs living on ETH blockchain. Due to gas fees and lack of marketing funds, no NFTs were sold and the project is currently stagnant. 

With her connections from BSCTimes/PolygonTimes, she now manages day-to-day operations at The Cronicle. Can be contacted via Telegram or Twitter

All core team members are knowledgeable about crypto and Cronos. All host AMAs, handle marketing discussions, and make executive decisions. The team may be small, but they have amassed a large following and all have strong connections within the crypto space. Together, the three have created a strong foundation for Cronos/Crypto news to prosper. We’re growing everyday, recently got endorsed by Cronos/Particle B, and are scaling up to provide even better content for our community.

Team’s Goal

We are a media outlet focused on the exciting new Cronos Chain, created by, providing market news, project updates, project interviews (AMA’s), upcoming events, press releases and much more. 

It is our goal to bring our users more than the regular nuts & bolts 24-hour news cycle stuff. We look forward to developing an active social media community of individuals interested in learning about the Cronos Chain and helping others along their own journeys. Our current focus is crypto/cronos/defi education.

We are pleased to share that we have been backed by Particle B and Cronos. We are one of the five grant recipients. We plan to use these funds to expand our offerings such as hiring strong knowledgeable writers and improving our website.

Our staff have rich technological and journalistic backgrounds, with very diverse sets of skills and viewpoints. We hope to provide a unique, engaging and informative experience to all of our readers.

We can be found on our website at, or on our Telegram, on our YouTube channel, on our Podcast, on our Twitter page and others below.

Unique Features We Bring To Cronos


Our website was built to be the one stop shop for Cronos information. What sets us apart from others is that not only do we provide news articles, but we also provide Cronos Charts in collaboration with Dexscreener, a Cronos Project Directory now with 90+ projects, a Cronos Events page where our readers can find out about upcoming mints, launches, and promotions, Educational Tutorials, and in the future – The Cronicle Podcast. These offerings provide our community with pertinent information about Cronos and crypto, which is very relevant to our readers. We will continue to innovate and add new features as we are able.


The Cronicle is a for-profit cryptocurrency media outlet. Because The Cronicle has costs including technological (servers, platforms, licenses), manpower and expertise (journalism, market research), legal and accounting costs, business insurance, employee salaries and more, we offer advertising packages to our customers to cover our operational costs. Due to the nature of the labor involved with our work, we have a strict no refunds policy.

All applicable laws regarding disclosures and disclaimers for all paid content and affiliate marketing are always followed, and we always directly disclose the nature of the business being done on our website. The Cronicle has very stringent policies regarding screening all potential advertisers, however it is impossible to guarantee we catch all bad actors. Our policies are to not engage with advertisers that want to display content that could be harmful, could be a pump-and-dump, or offer guaranteed returns.

The Cronicle strongly encourages all of our readers to do extensive research whenever investing, and to always use caution when taking advice. When investing, it’s always recommended you seek a professional investment advisor before making any decisions.



We want to be clear that we don’t endorse any project and are not held liable for any financial action/risk you take. Although we market, discuss, or add a particular project to our graphics/materials, we, by no means, endorse or offer financial advice.

The views expressed by individual team members are separate from that of The Cronicle. Every team member acknowledges the influence they have and are advised to act appropriately. That being said, team members are able to freely invest in and discuss crypto. However, our business wallet is not used for any investments and only holds CRO and stablecoins.


Although The Cronicle keeps the majority of our work internal, we do enlist the help of freelance writers. To qualify as a freelancer, we require our writers to pass a trial period. This involves reading over our Writer Handbook and producing an article of their choosing. We review the article and check it over for quality, grammar errors, accuracy, and relevancy. If approved, the article is published and they become an official writer, still freelance and able to write and work for whoever they want. Compensation is competitive and can vary between writers. At the time of this article we have three writers on our payroll. You can find their information in the author tags on our site.


We are a small team with big goals. We recognize our limitations within the Cronos/crypto space and strive to overcome them everyday. We strive for quality over quantity. By engaging our community on a variety of platforms we know we can grow the Cronos ecosystem together. There are amazing projects on Cronos and other sources of news. That’s great! Everyone has their own focus.

We hope this provides great insight on who we are and what we do. The Cronicle is a team of three with a few freelance writers empowered to offer quality Cronos/crypto information to our crofam!

Thank you.

  • TheDev100x
  • Kahoobb
  • BugzKG

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