Bogged Finance is known for providing exceptional tools for the crypto community to use. For investors, they provide real time charts, wallet data, and pair information. For developers, they provide a limited set of tools to help Token Teams build awesome products.

Telegram Price Bot

Bogged Finance has just launched a new tool for Cronos. Their Telegram Price Bot is now live. Token Teams can deploy a price bot for their token in their Telegram Group, allowing users to see pricing and charts in real-time. The bot is completely free for token teams and will never contain advertising. Cronos token information will now be at your fingertips. We highly encourage all Cronos projects to implement this tool to encourage transparency with your communities.

Setting up The Bog Price Bot

The following guide was written by the Bogged Finance team. Please view it along with other information here:

  • Simply visit this site to begin the setup process.
  • Fill in the form and customise the bot to your liking. You can enable specific parts of the price message and configure advanced parts of the bot (see Advanced section of this page)
Hint: You can always change the settings later or re-setup the bot if you don’t like how you configure it now.
  • Once you’re happy with how your Bot Telegram Message preview looks, you can continue to deployment.
  • Now, press the Big Green “Create Bot” button.
  • Open the Group Info tab of your token telegram chat & select Add Members from the three dot menu.
  • Search for BogPriceBot and add it to your group.
  • Make the bot admin in your group to ensure the Bot isn’t banned by your bots, and registers correctly.
  • You can set all admin permissions to off. 8.
  • Paste the register code into your chat that you got when you pressed Create Bot in step 4.


  • Ensure you’re not an anonymous admin in the Telegram Chat, otherwise the bot will not recognise you as an admin.
  • Make the bot admin if you have trouble or conflicts with other bots.

Editing the Bot

You can edit the bot at any time by visiting the edit bot page on Bogged Finance. This will allow you to reconfigure your bot to your specifications and also take advantage of any new features we’ve launched.

Simply visit that link and make the requested changes, then press the big green button and paste the edit code you get given into your telegram chat.

Adding Custom Commands

You can setup custom commands which can return an image, and or custom message. This can be really helpful for directing people to commonly asked questions about your token. For example, you could setup a /tokenomics command so new users can be sent the tokenomics really quickly.

Simply visit the editor and select “Custom Command”, then fill in your command name and select whether you want message content, or images or both!

You can even select multiple images and the bot will return one of them at random, great for a /rolldice or /meme command!

Administrator Commands

[ ] : The Required parameter to successfully run the command

  • /register [botID] Register a bot to a group given an ID
  • /unregister Unregister and delete a bot
  • /updatepricemessage [messageText] Update message added to the price
  • /setcommands [commandsID] Create/Update custom commands
  • /deletecommands[command names comma seperated] Deletes custom commands
  • /setslippage [slippage %] Set slippage for price swap link
  • /toggleratelimitresponse [true or false] Enable rate limit response from users’ commands
  • /disablepricechart [true or false] Disable chart image on the price command
  • /setuserratelimit [limit number (in seconds)] Set rate limit for users’ commands
  • /enableusercommands [command names comma seperated] Enable default commands for users
  • /disableusercommands [command names comma seperated] Disable default commands for users
  • /setcharttype [line or candlestick] Set chart type to line or candlestick
  • /setcharttimeinterval [15m,1hr,4hr,1day] Set chart time interval
  • /editor Get a link to an editor for the price message and custom commands

User Commands

  • /price Get price information about the registered token.
  • /contract Get the token contract address and a link to view it.
  • /chart Get a chart of the tokens price in USD, cached for 2 minutes
  • /info List available bot commands

Known Issues / Conflicts

  • If you change your group from private to public, or vice versa, you will have to register another bot.
  • Some other bots (i.e. Combot, Rose, etc) can block @BOGPriceBot’s messages if it’s not an Admin.

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