The interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has soared in the past year. With Opensea providing a centralized NFT Marketplace, more people than ever have been able to create, list, and sell NFTs. Projects such as CryptoPunks and BAYC have dominated the NFT market and inspired other similar projects to launch on other blockchains. Projects have been fairly successful on BSC, SOL, and Polygon. But wait, there is a game changer. Cronos chain recently launched November 2021 and has brought a wave of NFTs into the competition. One promising project is CroPunks.

The punks have travelled throughout the metaverse and have finally arrived on Cronos. CroPunks is a collection of over 1111 punks with unique attributes and styles. Punks are definitely popular with NFT collectors as they are officially 100% sold out. Investors went on a minting spree and found the rare Matt Damons in the collection. At the time of this article, they are the ONLY Cronos NFT project to sell out, marking a milestone for them as well as Cronos. Punks are setting the standard CRO community. Keep an eye on them.

Rarity Calculator

On the minting page, holders can check the rarity of their punk by following the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Enter the ID that you want to find the rarity of
  4. Instantly get what % that NFT falls in


Augmented Reality

Experience CroPunks immersed in AR/VR. Their Augmented Reality app will bring the Cronoverse to life and thus providing a real utility to CroPunks. Only Cropunks holders will be able to use the AR/VR App.


After the launch and airdrop of their token on the Cronos blockchain, they will open a staking pool for Cropunks holders to stake their NFTs and earn yield. This provides long term utility and helps increase demand for Cropunks beyond initial mint.

NFT Marketplace

Trading and auctioning are necessary for any NFT collection to grow and prosper. Our NFT Marketplace will be used to trade punks in a fast and secure manner. The royalties collected from the trades will be distributed among Cropunks holders and stakers.

Tamagotchi Game

Our vision for CroPunks is a Tamagotchi game that makes your Cropunk the ingame avatar. You will be able to find treasures and other accessories for customizing your Punks scattered throughout the game.

CroPunks AR/VR App

Experience the Cronos Metaverse in Augmented Reality. Initial App and 3D NFTs will be only available to users who have Matt Punk NFTs.By scanning the NFT markers, holders will be able to bring their NFTs to life with the power of AR/VR. NFTs can be placed wherever, the fridge, as a painting, even a T-Shirt. Sky’s the limit

Only 10 spots exist for the current AR App – 6 spots taken. 4 remaining. Keep minting until you get a Matt Punk NFT and get a ticket on the AR Train.


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