Hamster at work!! Goxx knows it all? Rodent’s “Goxx Box” is a hit.

Who Let the Goxx Out?

German Hamster Mr. Goxx is the founder of Goxx Capital. He has been trading cryptocurrencies since June 2021. But, that’s not all. Mr. Goxx has been outperforming Buffett, Bitcoin and the S&P 500 since months. Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, the rodent’s special “goxx box” is said to have been giving signals and even buying in a live streaming session. Mr. Goxx’s latest score tweet states: “Career Performance: +58.28 EUR (+3.63 %).”

Twitch’s first crypto-trading hamster,” Mr. Goxx is even bracing to pay income tax, reports Protos. Mr. Goxx’s human caretakers stated to Protos:

Since Mr. Goxx is an honorable business rodent, he must calculate with about 35% tax being subtracted on all his returns, so there is still some work left before he can really talk about making money.

Who is Mr. Goxx?

Mr. Goxx is a hamster who owns a fully-automated high-tech trading office. Entering and leaving the said office is Mr. Goxx’s prerogative. Mr. Goxx runs in the special “intention wheel” to select one of 30 crypto assets. He then marches inside the tunnels to determine if to initiate a buy or a sell order. The said order is shared on the real-life trading platform via API. Mr. Goxx’s meticulous evaluations and trading activity mostly occurs at nights under a night vision cam (plus indirect IR light).

Goxx Socials (Goxx got fans!!)

Mr. Goxx’s Twitch followers: 10.4K (as of Sept. 30, 2021)

“Hi there, I am Mr. Goxx | CEO & Founder of Goxx Capital. Watch me live working my trading magic.”

That above is Mr. Goxx’s Twitch bio, by the way.

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