recently released their Fortune Favors The Brave commercial as a tribute to everyone who got them this far. Featuring Matt Damon, the commercial explores the bravery and commitment of those who want to embrace challenges and propel humankind forward. #FFTB became a trend on Twitter and within the next few weeks, kept making strides and purchased the naming rights to the Staples Center. desires explorers and people to make crypto user friendly and mainstream.

After viewing the commercial multiple times, one of The Cronicle’s TG members who goes by the name $ $ pointed out something interesting. If you zoom in on Mars, there’s a QR code. 🤔

If you scan this QR code, you receive an email with a note saying you will be airdropped a unique NFT in December. Unable to scan the code? I’ll save you the trouble, click here:

Just make sure to have a verified NFT Platform account. You can do so by going here:

Free NFT? Yes please. We debated keeping this secret…but we want to share how great is for everyone. There’s no telling how rare or valuable these NFTs could be, but at the bare minimum this could be the spark to kickstart your NFT collection.

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