If you have taken time to navigate through your Crypto.com app, then you must have come across the Crypto.com “card” page. Crypto.com offers its users different prepaid debit cards, with the first being the Midnight blue and the last Obsidian. The prepaid debit cards are Visa cards and each card comes with its exciting benefits.

We have taken time to use some of the prepaid debit cards and we have no regrets at all. In this article, we will introduce you to all the Crypto.com cards and hidden perks, most Crypto.com users don’t know about. Also, we will straighten out misconceptions you have about the Crypto.com debit cards.

Before we move further, if you are not sure why you need the Crypto.com debit card, check out some of the life-saving benefits you are missing out on.

Why should you get the Crypto.com debit card

The Crypto.com debit cards offer many exciting benefits. As you move up the card hierarchy, you will marvel at the beauty and craft each card offers. Here are some ‌reasons you should get the Crypto.com app:

  1. You can top up your Crypto.com app with either fiat or crypto. You can easily top-up your Crypto.com debit card on your Crypto.com app
  2. There are no annual fees attached to all the Crypto.com debit cards
  3. You get to enjoy up to 8% back on all your spending with the Crypto.com debit cards

Types of debit cards on the Crypto.com app

Crypto.com offers five varieties of Visa debit cards based on the amount of its native token (CRO) you stake. They coined each unique name given to each card out of the colors and materials of the card. The first of the cards are free; you don’t have to stake any CRO to be eligible. Let’s drive you through each of the cards and what they offer.

Midnight Blue

The Midnight Blue Visa debit card is the first offer you will find on your Crypto.com app. This is so because it is completely free to get. Stake $0 CRO to be eligible for the card. For the midnight blue debit card, the only “hidden perk” is that they make it out of plastic and not metal, unlike the other Crypto.com debit cards. 

As we move up the tiers, we will see some less obvious perks and some confusion on what certain perks do. Don’t worry though, as we have all the answers you’ll need.

Unique features of the Midnight Blue Visa debit card

  • $0 CRO stake
  • 1% CRO back
  • $200 Free ATM Withdrawal per Month, 2% thereafter

Ruby Steel

The Ruby Steel is a unique Crypto.com debit card. First, the color of the ruby steel is one to die for, plus it is the first Crypto.com Visa card that is made from steel. To be eligible for the Ruby Steel card, you need to stake a minimum of $400 CRO. 

For the Ruby Steel, the only “hidden perk” would be that once you sign up on Crypto.com, you get $25 free in CRO. You must stake for a Ruby Steel card or higher to unlock your free $25 in CRO.

Unique features of the Ruby Steel Visa debit card

  • $400 CRO Stake
  • 2% CRO Back
  • 100% Reimbursed on Spotify
  • $400 Free ATM Withdrawal Per Month, 2% thereafter

Jade Green/Royal Indigo

This card comes in two unique designs with the same features and benefits. The color selection will go down to your preference. However, whichever one you go for, you are not missing out on a thing. To get the Jade Green/Royal Indigo Crypto.com Visa debit card, you need to stake at least $4000 CRO.

Navigating through the Crypto.com card page explains the perks enjoyed from the Jade Green/Royal Indigo debit card. The “hidden perk” for the Jade Green/Royal Indigo debit card is, with this card, you will enjoy 10% CRO stake rewards and the best rate of Crypto.com earn & credit (2%). The 10% CRO Stake reward is on the 4,000$ CRO stake you locked for 6 months. This 10% is paid out weekly to your regular unlocked balance.

Unique features of the Jade Green/Royal Indigo Visa debit card

Some other obvious perks you will see on the page include:

  • 4,000$ CRO Stake
  • 3% CRO back
  • 100% Reimbursed on Spotify
  • 100% Reimbursed on Netflix
  • 800$ Free ATM Monthly Withdrawal, 2% thereafter
  • 1.5% cashback
  • Airport Lounge Access

Icy White/Rose Gold

This tier also comes with two different card designs. We can assure you both cards will leave people staring in awe when you hold them

How do we know this? We have used all cards except the last on the list and the Icy White/Rose Gold is still our favorite. Not just because of the many benefits that come with the card, but because of how it leaves people staring when you hold it. It is truly a sight to behold. 

Some of the perks of the Icy White/Rose Gold are listed on the Crypto.com app card page. However, the “hidden perk” you will only find here is with this card, you will enjoy 12% interest on CRO stake, a higher crypto earns percentage, rewards are paid in CRO, and higher earn deposits up to $1M and an increase of $500K.

Unique features of the Icy White/Rose Gold Visa debit card

Other obvious perks include:

  • 40,000$ CRO Stake
  • 5% CRO back
  • 100% Reimbursed on Spotify
  • 100% Reimbursed on Netflix
  • 100% Reimbursed on Amazon Prime
  • 10% Reimbursed on Expedia
  • Crypto.com Private (OTC block trades of CRO, Research reports, Inheritance Service, Industry Events Access, Priority Customer Service)
  • Exclusive Merchandise Package
  • 1,000$ Free ATM Monthly Withdrawal, 2% thereafter
  • 1.75% cashback
  • Airport Lounge Access + 1 Guest

One thing to keep in mind when visiting an airport lounge with a guest with the Icy White, try to keep at least $64 on your card as when Kahoobb went, he was charged $32 for himself and his guest each. However, Crypto.com reimbursed it back to his Visa card after around one month. One thing to keep in mind on each of these subscription reimbursements and 10% back on Expedia and such, is that they all have caps that are in USD amounts. Spotify is $12.99 Per Month, Netflix is $13.99 USD per month, Amazon Prime is $12.99 Per Month and Expedia is $50 cap per month on 10%. With it being priced in USD it should benefit most people, except for those who use the EUR fiat currency, as they will not get the full amount of their subscription reimbursed as Netflix costs 13.49€ which is only 11.46€ reimbursed in USD.

Obsidian Black

The obsidian black is the last of the Crypto.com debit cards. This is an all-black metal card that provides all that you can desire from a prepaid card. You can call it the “full package and more.” The benefits of owning one include travel benefits and 100% reimbursement on some of your monthly subscriptions.

Unique features of the Obsidian Black Visa debit card

Some benefits of the Obsidian Black Visa debit card include:

  • 400,000$ CRO Stake
  • 8% CRO back
  • 100% Reimbursed on Spotify
  • 100% Reimbursed on Netflix
  • 100% Reimbursed on Amazon Prime
  • 10% Reimbursed on Expedia
  • 10% Reimbursed on Airbnb
  • Crypto.com Private (OTC block trades of CRO, Research reports, Inheritance Service, Industry Events Access, Priority Customer Service)
  • Exclusive Merchandise Package
  • 1,000$ Free ATM Monthly Withdrawal, 2% thereafter
  • Airport Lounge Access + 1 Guest
  • Private Jet Partnership

Now to the most interesting aspect – “hidden perks” of the Obsidian Black debit card. For the Obsidian Black, the hidden perks would be that you can have an increase of $1M USD deposited into Crypto earn. Technically, the Private Jet Partnership can be considered a hidden perk as most don’t know what it gives. Not to worry, we know exactly what this perk gives! 

This mysterious perk says “Crypto.com Visa Obsidian Black Cardholders get special perks when traveling by our preferred private jet partner VistaJet. The perks include a bottle of Dom Perignon onboard and one-way complimentary ground transportation on their first flight with VistaJet,” as stated by a Crypto.com employee. In addition, the size of the bottle to be expected would be around “a recent vintage regular size bottle (750ml).”

Misconceptions about the Crypto.com debit cards

  1. After I stake for a card, will I lose my card perks during and or after my six months is finished if it goes down below the initial value of $400/$4000/$40000/$400000 when I staked?

No, you will not lose any card perks. As long as you don’t unstake your card, you will continue getting the same card benefits no matter the price of your staked CRO. 

  1. Can I add more CRO to my card stake?

No, you can only stake the amount.

  1. Can I unstake excess CRO when it goes above the initial stake amount required?

You can only do this after your six months is up, but it will require you to unstake the full amount and then you would have to restake the initial amount which then would restart a six-month lock.

  1. After my six-month lock is up, do I have to relock it to keep my card benefits?

No, you do not. After six months of it being locked, you now have the option to unstake your CRO or keep it staked. If you unstake, then it will remove ALMOST every benefit from your card stake.

More FAQs are in the works; this is a live article that will be updated when needed.

How to get the Crypto.com debit cards

To get any of the Crypto.com debit card tiers. All you have to do is stake the allocated amount of CRO. After that, you can apply for your desired Crypto.com debit card.

If you have read till this point, it will be unfair not to give you a special bonus. For your bonus, we will give you a quick cheat for the cards. When you upgrade from one Crypto.com tier to another, you are charged $50. However, every first card you order on any tier is free. 

Now, we advise you to study the tier that most suits your needs and go for it. This way, you can save $50 when getting your card.

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