In this tutorial, we will breakdown how to set up your MetaMask with the Cronos Mainnet. Before connecting, make sure to confirm you are connecting the right wallet address. Otherwise your CRO or other tokens on Cronos may not show up. However, you may need to add tokens manually later, but CRO should show up right away.

Connect MetaMask to Cronos Mainnet

Step One: Hit the menu bar, under “Settings”, select “Networks”

Step Two: In the “Networks” page, click “Add Network”

Step Three: Enter the following settings

Step Four: Click Add. You should be able to see the CRO token appear in your wallet with whatever value you currently have.

Congratulations! Now you know how to connect to the Cronos Mainnet. CRO is now at your fingertips. Check out our Cronos Project Directory:

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