The crypto space has experienced incredible growth. With new blockchains, projects, tokens, investors, NFTs, and more, it’s no wonder crypto is a hot topic nowadays. However, that growth brings with it some inevitable consequences, both good and bad. With so many blockchains in the crypto space, scams, and rising gas fees, crypto investors are looking for new opportunities. Enter Cronos Chain, an EVM compatible network with low gas fees, paid in CROs. 

The launch of the Cronos mainnet in November 2021 prompted several projects to enter the competition. It’s anyone’s game at the moment. Let’s look at one promising Cronos project, ICYCRO.


ICY is a community driven token on Cronos. Their beginning goal is to build a high quality and low fee decentralized infrastructure. ICYCRO has launched community validators and plans to support other reliable teams in their validator launches. This will improve the security, reputation, and reliability of the network and also protect the delegators by providing them safer validators.

The ICYCRO team wants to help other Cronos projects and give the CRO community members chances to help CRO and grow. The team believes a completely open approach to helping the community will yield the best results.

A unique feature ICYCRO provides is the Burnicy Game. If you own less than 100k ICY, you can try your luck in ICYCRO’s monthly game. Let’s explore the game more in depth.

The Burnicy Game – Monthly Game

Game rules:

  • If you have less than 100k ICYs, you can play the game to win 100k / 150k ICYs, but you can lose the bet also.
  • Participate by burning 1k or 10k ICYs between 1st and 15th day of the month.
  • Last three numbers in your TxHash are your ticket number.
  • For example if TxHash is 6CC6…48E74E7C2D54D, your ticket number is 254.
  • The Burnicy Game runs until monthly until prize pool has less than 1M ICYs left.
  • After the last Burnicy game, the remaining ICYs from the pool will be burned.

How is the winner decided:

  • Raffle is always on the 15th day of the month.
  • We will send a CRO transfer from the validator and the TxHash of the transfer will show the winning number.
  • Winning number is the last 3 numbers of the TxHash so you will see it from the chain or can check the Twitter announcement.
  • For example if TxHash is 6CC6…48E74E7C1F32G, the winning number is 132.
  • Depending on how much you burned and how many numbers you get correct, you can win 0x – 120x the original ICY amount.
  • Numbers are always counted from the left to right. If the first number is wrong, rest of the numbers won’t matter.
  • If you win, you have 10 days to claim your winnings. Unclaimed winnings will be be returned to the ICY Game pool.

How much you can win in ICY game:

  • RTP% for the ICY game is 112%-113.5%.
  • 1k ICY bet: First 2 ticket numbers: 100k ICY, all 3 numbers 120k ICY.
  • 10k ICY bet: First 1 ticket numbers: 100k ICY, first 2 numbers 120k ICY and all 3 numbers 150k ICY.

Disclaimer: Game rules can be changed with a 30 day notice.


There will be a total of 100M ICY tokens in the Cronos network. All 100M will be minted at launch and distributed to five different wallets in the following way:

  • 40% for project rewards. Community members who help us in our projects will be rewarded with ICYs
  • 30% for the bonus pool (Builder awards and Jackpot prizes)
  • 10% for airdrops
  • 10% for the developers (0.6% dropped at the beginning and 9.4% frozen until 2024)
  • 10% for Burnicy Game prizes

Use cases

ICYs can be earned in the following ways:

  • Rewards for people helping our projects
  • Won from the Burnicy game
  • Won from the CRO Jackpot game (on top of the CROs

ICYs can be used in the following ways:

  • Staked. 100K gives the Icy status and 500k the Obsidian status
  • Used to play Burnicy games
  • Used for liquidity mining in Cronos dexes


  • 100k ICYs staked = Icy status
  • 500k ICYs staked = Obsidian status (also called Icy Whale)

Staking gives the following benefits:

  • Chance to win a part of the monthly CRO Jackpot
  • Benefits from our sponsors (discounts or CRO cashback)
  • Early access to future events (earn more ICYs)
  • Higher prizes from delegation events (even more ICYs)



  • Website
  • Social media (Twitter and Telegram)
  • Team building


  • Launching two IcyCRO validators to
  • Helping 4+ community members with their validator launches
  • White paper
  • Launch of ICY on 9 November
  • First Burnicy game on 15 November with extra prizes
  • First CRO Jackpot on 15 December
  • First NFTs will be minted soon after the launch
  • Oak tokens carved for Obsidian members
  • Supporting other promising Cronos projects


  • More community validators for
  • Possible expansion to other Cosmos networks with validators
  • Expansion of our ICY NFT part of the project
  • CRO Jackpot of over 100k CROs

Q2/2022 onwards:

  • The possibilities are endless. With our developers, partners and community support, we can do anything.


ICYCRO is a promising community token on Cronos. With a future CRO jackpot, NFTs, and ICY bonuses coming later in the year, ICY will definitely make their mark on Cronos and the crypto community. 


Disclaimer: This is a paid article, TheCronicle does not endorse and is not responsible for, or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. TheCronicle is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the article.

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