Kafe Finance is a one stop shop for all yield-farming needs and more on KCC, Moonriver, and Cronos, Kafe provides the best yield-optimizing strategies, portfolio management along with Zapper which aggregates liquidity and enables 1 click zaps between tokens and LPs. With Kafe Finance, users of the platform will be able to manage their farms, vaults and wallet assets from a single dashboard. The platform also facilitates easy migration of assets from farms to vaults through a unique one click migration experience from the portfolio tool. The contracts deployed are a combination of battle-tested forks from goose defi and eleven finance and are audited by Obelisk Audit.

$KAFE is the native token of KafeFinance which will be utilised for a myriad of purposes like governance, and profit sharing, etc. KafeFinance is built by a dedicated and experienced team with years of experience developing DAPPs on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The team are avid farmers in their own right who are committed to the wealth and health of the DeFi community and we are pleased to be a part of the growing KCC, MoonRiver, and Cronos Ecosystems.


Zapper enables liquidity aggregation and 1-click swaps: it enables token to token, token to LP, LP to LP and LP to token zaps across the supported DEXes and it finds the best possible route with the lowest slippage. Zapper is really a 2-in-1 function that was built because we hated dealing with slippages and we hated having to pull up our calculators to pair liquidity up. So 1 click to do all of that, don’t swap just zap.

Platform Fee Sharing

Fees generated by the platform are shared to $KAFE stakers, they basically stake their $KAFE in a lock-up called kafeshares and then reap the platform rewards in the platform’s native token. So Moonriver staking would earn $MOVR

KCC Tokenomics

  • Ticker: $KAFE (KCC)
  • Contract Address: 0x516F50028780B60e2FE08eFa853124438f9E46a7
  • Initial Supply: at least 1000 $KAFE + (fees/price of $KAFE)
  • Final Total Supply (capped): ~700,000 $KAFE after 360 days
  • Chain: Kucoin Community Chain (KRC-20

KuKafe is inflationary in nature however perpetual deflationary measures will be implemented as part of the roadmap to buyback/burn $KAFE to create sustainable yield farming for our users.

Along the way, surprise buybacks and other games will be organized to increase the utility of the KAFE token. This will increase demand and make KAFE deflationary.

Tokenomics (Moonriver and Cronos)

  • Ticker: $KAFE 
  • Contract Address: 0x52f04C806EB82930F40D410259b7AF8E18d3BDc9
  • Final Total Supply (capped): 95,832 $KAFE, Emissions have ended, there will no longer be any more $KAFE being minted
  • Chain:  Moonriver and Cronos Chain

Emission Schedule

KCC has its own emission schedule and that was the first chain we launched. Moonriver and cronos are the next 2 and they will share the same common token $KAFE which will be bridged -> powered by relaychain

Portfolio Management

We provide the best portfolio dashboard in all the chains that we have deployed with the focus on yield farming, so we track major farms and of cos assets in our own auto-compounding vaults. Little rocket logos on the dashboard enable an easy way to migrate from farms to vaults without ever having to leave our platform site.

Long-Term Goals

We aim to be the de facto website that KCC, Moonriver, and Cronos users have on one of their browser tabs because we enable all the things that a user might want to have from checking their portfolio asset value, to managing their external farms and shifting them to our vaults as well as converting assets to LPs for farming or just reducing impermanent loss (IL) by converting LPs to tokens



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