The crypto space has grown at an incredible rate in the last couple of years. With Bitcoin and Ethereum taking off and headed mainstream, it’s no wonder other tokens are becoming successful. Crypto enthusiasts are always looking for their next investment and ways to increase their profits. A way to do this is to stake your investments or crypto assets in a yield farm to generate additional cryptocurrency, generally with a high return. One such yield farm has reached over 1M Total Volume in less than 24 hours after their launch. Welcome Zeu$Finance on Cronos to the yield farming and crypto world. 


Zeu$ Finance is a sustainable, decentralized, value-oriented, multi-token ecosystem on the newly born Cronos Network. ​Zeu$ Finance is one of the first multi-token yield farms on Cronos, with a team of seasoned developers on their first project on this new blockchain. Our goal is to become one of the biggest players on Cronos.🏆 The community’s problems will be our first concern, we will update our plan and adjust our goals accordingly to the will of our investors because they are the reason we will be able to grow!


  • Farms
    • Facilitates trading on Decentralized Exchanges and provide liquidity through a collection of funds locked in a smart contract.
  • Pools
    • Way of providing financial services to users through smart contracts. Existing DeFi projects aim to provide higher annualized earnings for specific currencies.
  • Coming soon
    • Check the roadmap in docs to see what’s going to come.


ZEU$ is the backbone of the Zeu$ Finance project and ecosystem, at the beginning, it will be a normal farmable token but after that, it will become the foundation for all Gods Tokens liquidity pools and the liquidity fee token for own DEX. For single token information please check ZEU$ and Gods Tokens pages.

ZEU$ token will have two (for now) LPs which are ZEU$/USDC and ZEU$/WCRO, it will be farmable until its market cap is reached. Shortly before that happens we will start to release the Gods Tokens family, the sons of Zeus, namely ATHENA (ATH), ARES(ARS), ARTEMIS(ART), APOLLO(APL), APHRODITE (APH), and ALETHEIA(ALH). Gods Tokens will have their liquidity based on ZEU$/GODT LP, and their pool will be based only on Zeus ecosystem tokens. The only token with outside interaction will be ZEU$. ZEU$ price variations will directly cause a Gods Tokens price variation!

All ecosystems’ tokens collected through taxes will be burned if they are LP tokens on a bi-weekly basis, if they are normal tokens they will be used as rewards for giveaways, events, and the future lottery program!


They are ready to start with loads of achievements to accomplish and new features still in the works! Please join their Telegram for any questions or discussions about our roadmap and future plans.

Note that the Zeu$ Finance roadmap is dynamic and subject to constant change.

📅 Q4 2021

  • November 2021: Site launch.ZEU$ token launch.Farming of ZEU$ starts.Sponsor ad collabs.
  • December 2021: Liquidity incentives programs.Gen 0/ PROMO NFTSZEU$ Finance DEX.ATH Launch and Farm.ARS farming endsART Launch and Farm.APL Launch and Farm.

📅 Q1 2022

  • January 2022: APH Launch and Farm.ALH Launch and Farm.Liquidity incentives programs.More collabs.Lottery and gambling.Closed Beta for NFT TCG.
  • February 2022: Multichain poll.Governance introduction.Community polls.NFT Series 1 Launch.

📅 2022

  • Multichain launch.NFT TCG Launch.


    • Earn ZEU$ while staking LP tokens, following the  yield farming canon we are offering the possibility to earn ZEU$ staking LP tokens (we will use   LP ).
    • Supported LP tokens:
    • ZEU$/WCRO and ZEU$/USDC
    • ZEU$ POOLS:
    • Earn ZEU$ while staking your favorite tokens in single-token pools.
  • Supported single tokens:
    • ZEU$ ​
    • WCRO
    • WETH
    • WBTC
    • USDC
    • USDT
    • DAI
    • Earn Gods Tokens (each on the corresponding pool) while staking LP tokens for ZEU$, we are offering the possibility to earn Gods Tokens staking LP tokens for ZEU$.
  • Supported LP tokens:
    • ZEU$/WCRO and ZEU$/USDC
    • Earn the corresponding Gods Token while staking the Gods or ZEU$.
    • Supported single tokens:
    • ZEU$ ​


  • TradingFees:
    • ZEU$ Token 0.4% 
    • Gods Token 0%
  • FarmFees:
    •  LPs 2%
    •  PoolFees:
    •  Native Tokens 2%
    •  Other Pools 4%
  •  Deposit Fees:
    • 50% to buybacks 
    • 10% to marketing / infrastructure
    • 40% to the team
  • LP tokens will be burned on a regular bi-weekly schedule or on special occasions
  • Fees capped at 5%


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