Petite Planets

The solar system stretches far and wide. No one really knows the full extent of the galaxy. The same can be said of the crypto space. Endless potential, so many unknowns. Thousands of projects and investors are jumping into this space. Most recently, in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Leading NFT projects like CryptoPunks or BAYC have gained amazing success. This has led to the crypto space expanding to new regions of the unknown, in other words, new blockchains. One blockchain was just blessed with a new original NFT project. Petite Planets have made their mark, launching on the same day as the Cronos chain and have already successfully sold out their Gen 1 series in just 3 days. Let’s see what they’re all about.

Starting with an introductory mint of 200 NFT Planets in Generation 1, these planets are unique and beautiful NFTs with completely original hand-drawn art that is then programatically assembled. The inspiration for the art is based on our own amazing solar system and beyond. Their first launch has happened on Cronos but they’re also targeting future collections on other chains including Solana / Terra / Polygon / FTM. Significant portions (25%!) of the mint and royalties will be going towards eco-initiative (i.e WWF, Clean Air Task Force) and aerospace charities (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum). #WAGMI indeed.

Portions of the mint and royalty will also be going towards a unique burning mechanism, nicknamed the “Planet Killer” which will periodically sweep the floor Planets from secondary marketplaces. This will help to increase the floor price of the remaining Petite Planets as well as the rarity of the remaining traits left in the pool.

As NFT holders themselves, they wanted to start small with Generation 1 of the collection, 200 exclusive planets, and also with a low mint cost (200 CRO). Their goal being to demonstrate to the rest of the Cronos community that are creating beautiful art that helps the planet and DAO community grow in a sustainable and long-term way.

Why Support PetitePlanets?

You want to support blockchain tech, you like the idea of owning a rare piece of beautiful and detailed artwork, you also think supporting green and space charities are a good thing because you care about the future of the planet.  

You’ll also become a member of the Planetary Consortium, as the Governor for your Planet. Your voice will be heard for the direction of the project and future DAO actions like Airdrop recommendations, Planet Killer 💥 directives, and more.

Also they look excellent as PFP’s. Check out the official yourself!

Total Supply 

10,000 Petite Planet NFT’s are currently planned, and will be split across different Generations.

Gen 1 will was a small supply of only 200 Planets to showcase the value and quality of the art.

  • 8500 for Future Generations
  • 500 for Giveaways / Marketing
  • 100 Special Editions / i.e 1 of 1’s for Influencers / the various Ecosystem / Marketplaces

Keep in mind that the total available supply will also continue to decrease based on how the secondary market behaves with higher trading volumes resulting in more CRO for the burning mechanism “Planet Killer” to utilize as a positive feedback loop on the floor price.

Current Roadmap

  • Listing on Marketplaces (Targeting EmpireDEX / Ebisu’s Bay first) 
  • Trading Planets with other Governors (The Devs are investigating Smart Contract Escrow Marketplaces to enable this functionality)
  • Planetary Consortium DAO established (vote for future assets, Gen assets, other chain launches, airdrops of tokens/royalties, which charities to donate to etc)


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