Cute crypto projects are few and far between. Crypto is an investor’s world. Finances take priority and oftentimes, cute designs get put on the backburner. Investors and developers desire profits and power in the form of crypto, whether it be from selling to staking to “apeing”. Cutely named/designed projects just haven’t seemed to catch on.

However, this idea has been challenged by projects such PancakeSwap with their unique designs and NFTs. Investors seemed to enjoy this contrast in comparison to other projects on blockchains. Because of this, other cute projects started launching across several blockchains. One blockchain that was recently launched in early November 2021, was Cronos chain, with backing from Although it has seen a few swaps launch, it hasn’t seen a cute swap launch yet. That is, until now. SmolSwap, a cute decentralized trading platform, has brought cuteness to Cronos. No challenge is too smol for SmolSwap.


SmolSwap is the cutest fair launch decentralized trading platform on the Cronos chain where you can trade and earn in a safe, simple, and fun manner.

Beyond the launch of a decentralised exchange for cryptocurrencies, SmolSwap endeavours to develop a suite of innovative DeFi products and be at the forefront of the next big thing for DeFi – DeFi 2.0

Behind our cutesy facade, our platform is developed by some serious, heavyweight developers with more than 20 years of combined experience.

Trade & Earn

🔁 Trade

  • Low Fees. Low fees on Cronos network plus smol fees on SmolSwap allow you to retain more of your trading profits
  • Decentralised. SmolSwap doesn’t hold your funds when you trade – you may trade directly from your wallet app

💰 Earn

  • Earn SMOL. Stake your tokens in our Farms to earn SMOL!


  1. Develop of a suite of bleeding edge DeFi products that caters for different investor profiles
  2. Create sophisticated yet user-friendly DeFi products
  3. Attract more mainstream retail investors into DeFi by creating a safe, simple, and fun environment to explore and participate in DeFi

Our Mascot – Smollys

Our very own Smollys are what makes us the cutest platform!


While they have big plans for SmolSwap, they believe it can only be realized by taking one smol step at a time. This is because their utmost priority is the safety of their users’ assets and they will be extra careful each step of the way to ensure that users can participate in SmolSwap with peace of mind.

As a new project, the immediate focus must be on growing the value of $SMOL through expanding token utility, growing intrinsic value, and most importantly, ensuring that the platform is robust. Accordingly, they are considering the following options for the longer term to further grow their ecosystem and in turn, the value of $SMOL:

  • Launchpad/IDO
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Limit Orders
  • Smol Pools for SMOL holders to earn free tokens

Risk-Adjusted Products in the Longer Term

In line with our vision of building a suite of DeFi products that cater for differing investors profile, the following are some key possible products that they are looking into in the longer term:

  • Leveraged yield farming
  • Tranche products
  • Options income products
  • Structured products

Decentralized Exchange of Ideas

SmolSwap seeks to be not just an exchange for cryptocurrencies but also a platform for the exchange of ideas. They are very open to constructive feedback and are always on the lookout for fresh ideas. Join their Telegram group today!

To-do list

Q4 2021

  • Fair Launch SmolSwap 11 Nov 2021
  • Commence SMOL rewards for Farm pools 12 Nov 2021 7am UTC
  • Relaunch of Farm pools 19 Nov 2021 2pm UTC
  • Partnership with other projects to bring TVL in or to list their tokens on SmolSwap

Q1 2022

  • Begin hosting IDOs
  • Smol Pools
  • Develop NFT marketplace 


$SMOL is the native token of SmolSwap.

How to get SMOL

  • Earn from Farms
  • Buy on the exchange

What can SMOL be used for

  • Stake it in Farms to earn more SMOL
  • Provide liquidity for the SMOL-WCRO liquidity pair and stake the LP tokens in Farms to earn more SMOL
  • In the future, vote on proposals relating to the SmolSwap ecosystem


Allocated ToAllocation
Dev Funds9%


Rewards/Day & APR

Each pool will be allocated a different proportion of SMOL token rewards. Refer to the Rewards column to see the rate at which a pool is being awarded SMOL tokens and the APR column to see the annual percentage returns money💰 .

Controlling SMOL supply

There is no hard cap for SMOL token as SMOL’s primary function is to incentivize the provision of liquiditiy to the exchange. Without SMOL rewards, there would be considerably less incentive for providing liquidity. 

However, to allay users’ concern of inflation, we have the following deflationary mechanisms put in place:

  • Reducing block emissions
    • By reducing the amount of SMOL emitted per block, we slow down the supply of SMOL and in turn, slow inflation. We will observe the SMOL token price closely and execute this measure as and when necessary. In the future, this will be decided on by SMOL token holders
  • Token burns
    • Based on the products we have at launch, we can conduct token burns via the following ways:
      1. Development Fund burns
        • Apart from covering R&D and ongoing operational expenses, another key purpose of the Development Fund is to serve as a deflationary tool to control SMOL supply. Once we have attained a healthy level of traction, we intend to automatically burn all SMOL tokens emitted to the Development Fund.
      2. Trading Fee buyback and burn
        • We will increase the proportion of the trading fee to be reserved for buyback and burn in tandem with the growth of our platform i.e. the bigger we grow, the bigger the proportion of the trading fee to be used for buyback and burn.
        • If the situation allows, we will commence the buyback and burn whenever there is a considerable dip in SMOL prices. This would allow us to buyback and burn more SMOL, thereby maximizing the deflationary effect of the funds reserved for buyback and burn.
      3. Ad hoc burns
        • We will conduct ad hoc burns of the SMOL we have at our disposal as and when we deem appropriate and necessary to maintain price levels of SMOL.
      4. Other burns
        • As our platform grows, we will explore other channels for us to burn SMOL.


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