CroSwap is proud and excited to bring you our Quartermaster NFT Collection!


The Quartermaster Collection is the second CroSwap Utility NFT after the CroSwap Founders NFT collection.

The Quartermaster Collection will have a max supply of 10,000 NFTs and have 160+ unique attributes for you to collect!

│Mint Date

Mint Date: 28th November 2022

Introducing Capt. Conni Sorcha and Capt. Edin Maddox


The QuarterMasters will give you the ability to boost your ROI by increasing your harvest rewards in selected farms.

  • You will be able to stake up to 5 QM NFTs per selected farm depending on your time lock settings:
  • 0 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to two QM’s for that farm
  • 45 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to three QM’s for that farm
  • 90 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to four QM’s for that farm
  • 180 Days Time Lock — Stake Up to five QM’s for that farm
  • Each QM NFT that is staked will give you a 2% boost to your harvest rewards for a maximum boost of 10% of the base amount.

For example: If a farm has pending harvest rewards of 100 $CROS and you have staked 5 QM NFTs, the amount of your harvest rewards will be 110 $CROS.


The team has worked hard with talented artists to bring together a collection that everyone will be proud to show off. Either to their friends, on their profile pictures or on custom merchandise! Each NFT attribute has been painstakingly hand-drawn to ensure the greatest level of detail shines through.

As you all know by now we are the #CroNavy and who better to help us take over the high seas of the Cronos network than our collection of scurvy pirate quartermasters equipped with all manner of attributes for you to enjoy.

│Bounty Program – Mint to Win!

There are 5 Bounty NFTs that will randomly mint throughout the collection. If you happen to mint one of these Bounty NFTs, you will be sent 25,000 $CRO straight to your wallet.

If you were randomly selected to receive a Bounty NFT, you will still receive the Quartermaster NFT you selected at mint.

I will be minting a @croswapofficial Quartermaster NFT!
#Cro #Crofam #Mint #CronosNFT


The Quartermaster NFTs have scaled purchase prices based on a few factors outlined below.

Founders NFT Owners

  • 10 mint max = 225 $CRO/each
  • Additional unlimited mints = 250 $CRO/each

Nodey the Whale NFT Owners

  • Unlimited Mints = 250 $CRO/each

Nodey the Whale NFT Owners with a Whitelisted Wallet

  • 10 mint max = 225 $CRO/each
  • Unlimited Mints = 250 $CRO/each

Whitelisted Wallets

  • 10 mint max = 225 $CRO/each
  • Additional unlimited mints = 300 $CRO/each

Public Price

  • 300 $CRO


  • Whitelisting: The CroSwap team will be conducting a number of Whitelisting giveaways before the mint date. To keep up to date with what giveaways are being conducted follow our Twitter and join our Discord.
  • Founders NFTs: Founder NFT Wallets are automatically enrolled in the whitelist feature and will not have to claim a whitelist spot.
  • Mint Cap: The only mint cap will be on the Founder NFT + Whitelist PRICES! You can mint unlimited QuarterMaster NFTs at the public price.

If you own a Founders NFT or a Nodey the Whale NFT AND have minted your 10 allocated mints at the 225 $CRO, you will be able to continue minting at 250 $CRO. If you have a whitelist spot and DO NOT own a Founders NFT or Nodey the Whale NFT AND you have minted your 10 allocated mints at 225 $CRO, you will be able to continue minting at 300 $CRO.

  • Trading: Trading will be enabled on Ebisu’s Bay shortly after the release.

For more information about future products please refer to our future Medium articles, whitepaper or join our social communities.

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