What is Crowitches?

Crowitches is a collection of 3333 Upgradable Witch NFT’s on the Cronos Blockchain.

Can You Explain What You Mean by Upgradable NFT Collection?

By upgradable we mean exactly that, upgradable. Minters will mint a crowitch NFT & be able to level it up, and have the ability to upgrade their NFT. They click the upgrade button on the dashboard on our site and get a new CroWitches NFT. They get to keep the original NFT but get a second generation NFT which will be totally different from the original one they minted.

You Mentioned CroWitches Will Be Upgradable How Many Upgrades Will Be Available?

We plan to make Crowitches a collection of 10 different Witches NFT with different trait looksand art. We already have 5 base images already designed.

What Do Minters Have To Do To Level Up Their CroWitches NFT?

On our website http://www.crowitches.com, minters will have access to a dashboard. On this dashboard they can level up their nft. Each level up will cost about 30CRO and Minters will have to use Crowitches Native token called $crospell to level up their NFTs. Minters will have the option to sell their Crospell token buy leveling Down the NFT if they decide to.

Tell Us More About CroSpell Token

CroSpell Token will be the native token used for all transactions involving Crowitches. Its a token on the Cronos Network and it will be paired with CRO on MM.Finance DEX, which has the largest ecosystem on Cronos. The CroSpell token has some awesome Tokenomics.


  • Network: Cronos
  • Name: CROSPELL Token
  • Symbol: SPELL
  • Decimals: 9
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000
  • Buy/Sell 10%
  • Reflections 3% Marketing: 3% Liquidity :4% 

There will be a 10% buy/sell tax and 3% will go back to holders , 3% to Marketing & 4% to liquidity. Total supply is 10 million tokens.

How Do Holders of CroWitches NFT Earn Passive Income?

Good question when NFT’s started people were buying them for the cool art and slowly it was about utility. To starts off with Crowitches everything in our ecosystem is setup to reward our holders. 

  1. When someone mints a crowitches NFT 15% of mint price is added to a community wallet and the funds are distributed to nft holders.
  2. When there is a transaction on the secondary market 7%, of the royalties are also added to a community wallet which distributes to holders.
  3. Each time someone Levels up their Crowtiches NFT, 50% of the funds are added to a community wallet & each week holder earn rewards and nft’s from other Cronos projects. One of our goal is to help Cronos grow by partnering with other Cronos projects buying their NFT’s and giving them out to our community which is something important to us.
  4. We will have staking of $CROSPELL token & NFT as well 

We have some other ideas in the works that we won’t mention at the moment but we have some huge things planned.

How Much Will It Cost To Mint A CroWitches NFT?

  • WL -250CRO
  • Public -300CRO

Minting will start July 21 2022

Which Secondary Marketplace Will You Use

We will be on Ebisusbay https://app.ebisusbay.com/collection/cro-witches

Can You Tell Us About the Team?

The team consists of 2 Devs & 1 Artists some of the work we have outsourced. The dev team is based in Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner) and have worked together for over 6 years. The artist is married to one of the Devs and the team is fully vested in the project.

Where will I be able to view my NFT(s)?

On Ebisusbay.com

To get more details about this project you can read our whitepaper: https://www.crowitches.com/crowitches-whitepaper.pdf

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