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In a previous article we have provided a complete overview of the tokenomics that relate to DexPad’s native token, $DXP and the economic integrations of DexPad and Photonswap.

In this article, we are going to more specifically analyze the benefits that $DXP holders can obtain by staking their coins. As a truly decentralized Launchpad, users who stake their $DXP will be rewarded with the tokens of the projects that launch on DexPad. These projects pay 2% of the number of tokens sold, which is fully distributed amongst DexPad stakers.

Thus, $DXP holders will be able to stake their coins on DexPad and obtain different levels of rewards depending on the amount of tokens and the time that they choose to stake/lock their coins for.

The lowest tier of rewards, the Flex level, allows individuals to withdraw and un-stake their coins at any point. The Bronze tier, on the other hand, requires 30 days of lock-up; the Silver tier, 6 months and for the Gold tier, a whopping 2 years.

Needless to say, the rewards given to users who stake their $DXP holdings scale with their level of commitment, so that higher-tier commitments will be rewarded with a greater allocation of the relevant tokens launching on DexPad.

In addition, Gold-tier users will also obtain, on top of the third-party token allocation, an additional reward in the form of $PHOTON, Photonswap’s native coin.

See relevant details:

As you can see in the table above, private sale participants are also automatically locked in an 18 month period of linear vesting.

Because Private sale participants own 80% of the circulating supply, their allocation multiplier was strategically chosen to ensure that later investors are also incentivized to stake their $DXP. This choice ensures that everyone has a fair chance to obtain the native tokens of the projects that launch on DexPad.

To reward their commitment, private sale participants will receive an additional airdrop that will be linearly vested over 4 months. The airdrop will take place by the 7th of December and 2% of the total $PHOTON supply will be airdropped. During the DexPad sale 30% of the total supply was sold, so the 2% $PHOTON airdrop ratio is 1:15. In other words: For every 15 $DXP bought during the sale 1 $PHOTON is airdropped!

Needless to say, as private sale investors’ vested tokens are progressively released, they will be able to lock their newly obtained tokens in the same manner as everyone else through the standard tier-system. Should they choose this course of action, they will be entitled to the higher multipliers without damaging the projects’ success or their peers’ investment opportunities.

In case you would like to find further details in regards to multipliers, the synergy between Photonswap and DexPad or the overall journey of a project wishing to launch on DexPad, we recommend you to check out this comprehensive article.

To conclude, DexPad extends its warmest thanks to our community for the sustained support.

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DxP Staking will go live on 4th December.

Airdrop for DxP Gleam competition will also start before 7th December.

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