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Metawarz is an ambitious first-person shooter video game with elements such as in-game assets that will be integrated into a blockchain network, Cronos Chain, making it essentially a metaverse game.

The first constituent of this metaverse game will be launched as an NFT collection called Rebel Punks. Metawarz defines this NFT collection as “a Master Key into our ecosystem.”

Rebel Punks has creative lore behind it, and they want to include the community to let their creative juices flow and write a part of that lore. Metawarz hinted that the community members’ best stories behind an NFT would be rewarded in $CRO and have their NFT featured. It could even be printed as merchandise and sent to the holder.

The game is built around Rebel Punks themed around Cyber Punk culture hence the name of Rebel Punks as one of its opposing factions.

Details about the Upcoming Collection’s Utilities

  • Discounted in-game assets: The upcoming first-person shooter game of Metawarz will have in-game assets like items, weapons, and skins. Rebel Punk holders will have a special discounted price for these game features that enhances the game experience.
  • DAO Membership & Voting For All Major Decisions: Metawarz project aims to be a game integrated into blockchain and its compasses. That’s why there are plans to give voting rights to the Rebel Punk holders on major decisions for which direction the Metawarz game will go. 
  • DAOs(Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) incorporate community members into a project and decentralize management power to a collective rather than a handful of people—making management much more egalitarian.
  • Metawarz Shooter Mystery Box: Rebel Punks are the first NFT launched within the Metawarz game, but it will not be the last. As an appreciation for the community’s early vote of confidence in becoming a Rebel Punk holder, there will be mystery boxes to be airdropped to the holders. The contents of these mystery boxes have yet to be announced to the public, but the team suggests that it will be worth holders’ while.
  • Royalties Distribution: Rebel Punk holders will be granted a percentage of the revenue generated from the royalties that come from secondary market sales, exposing holders to a passive income possibility just by holding an NFT piece.
  • $WARZ Token Private Sale Whitelist: $WARZ token will be the center currency of the Metwarz first-person shooter game. Within a dedicated economy around $WARZ, there will be demand for the token, where players can utilize it to purchase in-game items. Before the $WARZ token become publicly available for purchase, Rebel Punk holders will have early access.

Rebel Punks & Overall Metawarz Game’s Roadmap

Highlights of 4th Quarter, 2022

  • PR & Community: Metawarz meets with its community for the first time in the last quarter of 2022. Community building starts at this stage, followed by an intense building period.
  • ICO Model Research: An ICO launch and its model is important because it either makes or breaks the project. Tokenomics should be staged as a sustainable model. Metawarz project is taking extra measures to find the most suitable form for their ICO’s launch and the sustenance of the token by intensely researching what could be done.

Highlights of 1st Quarter, 2023

  • Character Release: Rebel Punk holders will see their corresponding in-game characters for the first time this quarter. Their NFTs will come to life within the highly anticipated character release.
  • Single-player Game Demo: Not only the in-game character but also the first game demo will be released this quarter. The investors of Rebel Punks will have a chance to try it out.
  • Token Sale: $WARZ private and public sales will also take place this quarter. Rebel Punk holders will be prioritized in this token Sale before $WARZ hits public markets.

Highlights of 2nd Quarter 2023

  • In-game asset sale: The assets other than in-game characters as NFTs will be available for a sale that can be purchased with $WARZ tokens. The Rebel Punk holders will be granted discounted prices.
  • Multiplayer Game Demo: The multiplayer game demo will be released after the single-player game release. Again, the Rebel Punk holders will be eligible to try it out. The community feedback will be taken into consideration for future improvements.

Highlights of 3rd Quarter 2023

  • Game Mechanics Release: Official game’s mechanics will be released. These game mechanics will be the core source of players’ entertainment within play to earn elements implemented through in-game assets and integrated $WARZ crypto token.
  • CEX Listing: Metawarz don’t only intend to keep their token in DEXes(Decentralized Exchanges); they will also bring their tokens into a centralized exchange where the most liquidity resides by upcoming new investors.

Highlights of 4th Quarter 2023

  • Official Game Launch: Metawarz game will be fully launched. 
  • Metaverse: Rebel Punk NFTs, on-chain in-game assets, and $WARZ token will be fully integrated into the Metawarz game and blockchain, turning it into a fully-fledged metaverse game.

Upcoming Game Details:

Metawarz, as a first-person shooter game, will be developed the cutting-edge technology Unreal Engine 5. The game will have both single-player and multiplayer modes. These game modes will include, as mentioned on the pitch deck:

  • Conquest: Compete for objectives across the map, earning points based on the number of objectives accomplished. If a faction suffers a deficit, the winning faction conquers the mapped area with all that’s within it, territorial expansion.
  • Operations: A war simulation mode that takes place across numerous maps to represent a battle campaign. Gamers will be able to experience the enhanced features of Metawarz gameplay.
  • Deathmatch: A standard game in which teams compete to score a target or a maximum number of kills before time runs out.

Game’s Lore:

Following a failed coup d’etat in 2381, a power struggle ensued. Two factions emerged: (1) the Ground Zero Territory, controlled by rebels, and (2) the Realm Territory, governed by One-Percenters comprised of bureaucrats and the Elite Upper class. These factions are locked in a battle for resources, political dominance, and territorial takeover.

The game has an engaging lore that evokes the age-old question of “Which one is the best? Building a society around hierarchical structures that bring order to the chaos or free human nature with no constraints and letting anarchy do its course.” by painting a situation between two radically marginalized groups of people that fights in a never-ending to overpower the other group and their ideals.

NFT Collection Details:

Rebel Punks will be released as a collection of 5,000 pieces. The launch will be at the biggest NFT marketplace by volume on EbisusBay.

You can go to the mint page by clicking here.

There are three price points. Metawarz whitelisted minters will get a price of 400 $CRO, EbisusBay founding member NFT holders will get a price of 440 $CRO, and the public price will be 480 $CRO.

The mint will take place on Saturday. The time differs within the geolocation of mint participants, so the exact dates will go as follows:

  • UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) 8 pm.
  • CST(Central Standard Time) 3 pm.
  • EST(Eastern Standard Time) 4 pm. 

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