The OG program is our way to reward the first and most engaged community members that help us grow our community.

So, what do you need to become a Playverse OG? It’s pretty simple: You need to bring more than 20 new community members to our discord server.

Please remember that we are not creating this promotion to sponsor spam invitations or have bots join our server. We have all the available Discord security measures to prevent bots from entering the server and validating real honest invitations.

If we get reports that any OG is spamming strangers with PMs, we will automatically disqualify that person.

Now that we took this necessary information out of our way, let’s go for the good stuff:

Here is what you will get in return for your promotion:

  • Special lifetime role on the server
  • Exclusive perks in the future.
  • After 20 invites: 1 invite = 2 PLAY tokens
  • Request 1 game for Play2Earn launch*


  • After the OG level is achieved, each invite will get rewarded with 2 PLAY tokens.
  • This promotion ends on 04/27/2022
  • PlaySwap team reserves the right to disqualify any user suspected of abusing behavior without further justification.
  • Disqualified users will lose the OG status and not get any tokens.
  • User invitations will be tracked in the discord server by the Invite-tracker bot.
  • Each valid winner will get paid up to 2500 valid invitations.
  • Anyone on our server can apply for this promotion.
  • The game requested for Play2Earn should be a game of our supported games.
  • OGs will get their tokens during May 2022
  • Results will be published on our Discord server one day after the promotion.

Do you think you have what it takes to become an OG? Let’s get this party started.

Join our Discord now and start earning!

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