Dear CRODEXers, spring is here and with it, a great new Rewards Round! We collected feedback from our community and on-chain data to not only introduce great new features, but also to do our own spring cleaning to offer you a great, sleek and streamlined DeFi experience.

Here is the TL;DR:

🔥 METAVERSE HUB NFT Staking pools are live!

⭐️ REWARDS BOOSTER: you can now stake NFTs to boost your APR at most of our reward pools! This effect is cumulative, leading to some seriously amazing APRs if you are an avid NFT collector.

⭐️ Reward deposits auto-rollover: you no longer need to manually transfer your deposits from one round to the next! As long as the pools you are participating on are also available at the next round, your deposit will automatically be carried over for a streamlined rewards experience.

⭐️ Spring Clean: We analyzed the traffic and TVL of all our pools and closed those that were significantly lagging behind. This freed up resources that allow us to boost the pools most of the community are interested on.

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