Cromodo Dragons Society is a NFT limited edition collection of 3333 cromodo dragons with over 120 variations and countless combinations of hand-drawn traits stored on the Cronos blockchain.

Owning a Cromodo Dragons Society NFT will give you access to exclusive members-only perks such as giveaways, voting rights, future drops and more!


“On the distant volcanic island of Cromodo, a strong earthquake has triggered the hatching of some prehistoric eggs. The eggs are in the form of precious minerals and give birth to a species extinct for thousands of years, the Cromodo Dragons. With the passage of time the dragons have formed a complex and structured society, but the ecosystem is still evolving and who knows where these creatures might land next…”



The eggs are about to hatch!

Minting a Cromodo Dragon NFT, you will receive an egg that will hatch after the whole collection sells out!
There are three different kind of eggs around:

Bronze egg: rarity level common — 60% of total supply

Silver egg: rarity level rare — 30% of total supply

Golden egg: rarity level legendary — 10% of total supply

Utility road map

    • NFT STAKING: 100% of the royalties from the secondary market will be distributed among the Cromodo’s holders. It belongs to the society! We will implement staking of our limited NFTs through a third party platform, we are currently defining this partnership and will be available shortly after sold out!
    • FUSION: You can choose to merge 3 of your Cromodo Dragons NFTs to generate a unique and extra rare fusion NFT. Staking a fusion NFT will give you access to staking boost, check the STAKING section below for more detailed info.
    • CROMODAO: Once the minting process will be completed, we’ll verify real Cromodo NFT Holders. They will be members in CromoDao. All Cromodo Dragons Society NFTs holders will have voting power for the development of further steps of the project.
    • GEN 2 ACCESS: As a member of the Cromodo Dragon Society you will gain access to Cromodo Dragons Society GEN 2. It will consist of another batch of unique NFTs.
    • ROADMAP 2.0: Due to a volcanic eruption, the Cromodo Dragons have to find another island to land on, an autonomous and functioning society needs a quiet place to chat, meet-up and more!



Our fusion feature will allow you to merge 3 Cromodo Dragons Society NFTs to create an extra rare Fusion Cromodo Dragons Society NFTs without any extra fee.
There will be 2 different levels of Fusion NFTs.

Fusion lvl. 1: you can create a Fusion lvl. 1 merging 3 NFTs that belongs to a specific generation, it will not be possible to merge NFTs from the two different generations to create a Fusion lvl. 1.

Fusion lvl. 2: in order to create a Fusion lvl. 2 you will need a Gen 1 Fusion lvl.1 and a Gen 2 Fusion lvl. 1 to merge together. Fusion lvl. 2 are going to be the most powerful NFTs in our ecosystem.


Gen 1 and Gen 2 total supply will consist in 6666 NFTs, 3333 for each generation. If both of our generations total supply is merged into Fusions lvl. 1 it will remain with 2222 Fusion lvl. 1 NFTs total supply. If all the 2222 NFTs will be merged, total supply will consist in 1111 Fusion lvl. 2 NFTs. Merging rare NFTs will generate rare NFTs.

Why should i merge my NFTs?
First thing first Fusion NFTs will be graphically more catchy and also since supply will be much more restricted they will be much more valuable.
Also Fusion NFTs will guarantee you access to staking boosts.
Check section below to go into details.


We will allow our members to stake their NFTs on a third party platform.
The staking economy will be powered by royalties accumulated from secondary market sales.
Our staking reward will be distributed based on how many NFTs each holders stakes but also there will be a difference between regular Cromodo Dragons Society NFTs , Fusion lvl.1 and Fusion lvl.2.

-Regular Cromodo Dragons NFTs: Staking reward X1.
-Fusion lvl. 1 NFTs: Staking reward X5.
-Fusion lvl.2 NFTs: Staking reward X15.


Our governance system will work differently from the staking multipliers.
Voting power will be weighted on how many NFTs you have used for fusions.

-Regular Cromodo Dragons NFTs: 1 vote.
-Fusion lvl. 1 NFTs: 3 votes.
-Fusion lvl.2 NFTs: 6 votes.


Team will keep 1% of total supply for marketing purpose.


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