What is the CroSwap Community Raise?

The CroSwap Community Development Raise is Phase 1 of our CroSwap DEX launch. The intent of the ‘CroSwap Community Development Raise’ is to bring the community in early to support the ongoing development and roll-out of CroSwap.

In turn, rewarding them with early access to $CROS as well as giving us the opportunity to give out early bird “CroSwap Founder” rewards.

The ‘CroSwap Community Development Raise’ is separate from the ‘Public Launchpad’ that will be used to seed $CROS LP with CRO.

The CroSwap management team have completed a successful private investment funding round to support the development, however, we wanted to ensure that our #CroNavy community also had the choice and opportunity to become “CroSwap Founders” by contributing as well, if they wanted to.

I am taking part in the @croswapofficial phase 1 launch! #CRO #CroFam #Cronos

CroSwap Community Development Raise Objective

  • Our goal is to raise 500,000 USDC for Development (Both internal development and for our external developments designed to help build the infrastructure on the Cronos Chain)
  • To support our marketing strategy, to develop further partnerships with both digital and physical products/brands/people
  • To cover costs for consultants for things such as legal and governance risk planning to ensure our longevity and other misc. expenses (e.g. External Contract Audits, Website security testing.)

As the Cronos Network is still in its beta stage, there are a number of opportunities for CroSwap to continue to develop and help drive forward innovation on the Cronos Network, thus supporting EVERYONE who uses the Cronos economic environment!

More details about an external development already being implemented by CroSwap will be released soon.

Supply Impact on $CROS

2,500,000 (0.5% of Launch Supply)

Cost Ratio

1 $CROS / $0.20 USDC

Key Dates

CroSwap Launch Phase 1: CroSwap Community Development Raise — 7th September 2022

CroSwap Launch Phase 2: Public $CROS launchpad — TBA

CroSwap Founders will receive (dependent on minimum deposits)

  • Official Discord Role of “Shipwright” with a minimum contribution of 50 USDC, which includes access to an exclusive Discord Channel for more frequent development updates and sneak peeks.
  • The top contributor to the raise will receive a free Keystone Pro Hardware wallet
  • CroSwap Founder’s Badge NFT with a minimum contribution of 1000 USDC (maximum of one per wallet.)
  • 5 $CROS Tokens for each 1 USDC deposited to the Fund
  • CroSwap Founder NFT Holders will receive whitelist access for all future CroSwap/CroNavy Projects.
  • CroSwap Founder NFT Holders will receive all Quartermaster and SHIP NFT benefits
  • CroSwap Founder NFT Holders will receive an “Invite to Earn” bonus (when I2E is released)
  • CroSwap Founder NFT Holders will receive a 0.02% Trading Fee discount when using that wallet address (-0.02% from the treasury allocation)

Note: The benefits listed above are only available in this raise and will not be available during the public launchpad of $CROS.

For more information about future products please refer to our future Medium articles, whitepaper or join our social communities

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