Hey #CrystlCrew and welcome back to the second issue of our newsletter! Everyone has been incredibly patient and finally a new update is here at Crystl Finance! Lets hit things off with some great news about our platform.

News & Updates

Website Upgrade

#15WeeksOfFortune New Landing Page card revealed

Say hello to the new Crystl.Finance landing page brought by our #15WeeksOfFortune campaign! It’s been a while since Crystl had a makeover, and we wanted to bring our community the best & cleanest experience — hence the new look! This is the first of many updates aimed for release throughout Q1 of 2022. And yes, that includes the Mining Guild (Revenue Sharing) as well as our V3 Vaults! If you haven’t yet seen the new design, do check it out!



CRYSTL is growing!

Its tough to say anything about growth without looking at numbers… Numbers don’t lie! Over 6,600 addresses now hold $CRYSTL across the #Polygon and #Cronos networks. It’s exciting to see this figure grow as more and more people realize the scarcity of $CRYSTL (12.5M tokens) and it’s utility as an income generating asset in our upcoming Revenue Sharing feature. We hope to meet many of our new #CrystlCrew members in our Telegram & Discord community!

Crypto.com DeFi Wallet Token Listing

Yet another HUGE milestone for the #CrystlCrew! Our dApp was listed on the DeFi Wallet not too long ago and now $CRYSTL is also listed a token for users to send and receive.

New Vaults

What’s a Vaulting platform without new Vaults? We’re here to Maximize Your Passive Income, and you know it! Two new Vaults were added to Crystl since our last newsletter. One for BlockWallet on Polygon, and another for CroKing.

Disclaimer: APY percentages may have changed since Vault release

BlockWallet uses privacy-enhancing smart contracts to make your crypto transfers as private and secure as bank transfers. You can learn about their token, $BLANK over here on their website.

CroKing brings a simple yet lucrative proposition for it’s holders. Hold $CRK, earn $CRO — who could say no to that? $CRK is a reflect token with multiple unique benefits on the Cronos blockchain, check out their whitepaper!

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