Dragons of the West is an NFT project built on Cronos Chain. The art is inspired by the TV Show Avatar the Last Airbender. There are 4,444 Chinese dragons in the collection, and over 1,180 are already minted. The first stage of the mint will be completed after 2,444 NFTs are minted, and the rest of the 2000 pieces will be minted later on when the team thinks it is the right time.

There is an upcoming play-to-earn game release with staking capabilities. The game will be released with the completion of the project’s native token drop and the completion of the first 2,444 NFTs mint process.

Dragons of the West Play-to-Earn Game Details

The project’s team has already developed the P2E game, which will be released on both PC and Mobile after the native token launch is completed. The team specifically mentioned why they chose Cronos Chain for their game by the reasons that low transaction fees that render play-to-earn games feasible in terms of cost of play and cost for exchange of tokens. The game mechanics of Dragons of the West need is also implemented in Cronos infrastructure, making the game attainable, as mentioned in the project’s whitepaper.

The game is a strategy card game that uses the traits of DotW’s NFTs’ metadata as in-game stats. Each stat has 1-7 variants, one being the worse and seven being the best. Each stat of a dragon will be randomly assigned by RNG(Random Number Generator) mechanism, and a certain level of luck will be included in the game mechanics.

There are PvP(person versus person) and PvAI/PvE(person versus artificial intelligence or person versus environment) mods. The PvP version is played against other players. PvE mechanism offers farming in dungeons and participating in boss fights. PvP mods are 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles. Holding multiple NFTs, such as holding 3, enables players to play as three people. The more dragons you have, the stronger you are in PvE matches. Playing 3v3 battles also raises the intricacies of the player’s move, making the game more fun.

There will be an in-game game shop. The native token of Dragons of the West will be utilized there to purchase HP and MP potions. As the project goes on, there will be more utilities that are going to be built into the game shop. Some of the examples mentioned in the whitepaper go: 

  • Buying keys to boss and dungeon battles
  • Buying a name tag
  • Dragons Dens: This will also act as a way of earning passive income by multiplying the staking rewards of OG Dragon NFTs

Additionally, different accessories will affect the Dragons’ in-game stats. There are different types of Dragons, such as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Example dragon traits are:

  • A fire breathing can have a variety of flame coloring
  • Different pieces of jewelry affect various stats of dragons giving a chance for a player to make diverse combinations
  • Scars of the dragons indicate their experience level, which improves the stats of a dragon

Native Token drop of Dragons of the West

The allocation of the project’s native token is egalitarian and simple:

  • 10% will be used for DEX liquidity.
  • 5% will remain in the developer’s wallet.
  • 85% of tokens will support the funding of play-to-earn games and staking.

The staking function for NFTs will be released within the game, meaning the NFTs will be staked as a built-in function. The staking will be allowed up to 9 dragons. There will be dragon dens as a staking multiplier. Minting 9-17 dragons make the mint wallet eligible for one dragon den, minting 18-27 dragons is eligible for two dragon dens, and minting 27+ dragons is eligible for three dragon dens apart from getting these dens from the in-game shop.

The first 1100 dragons minted also airdropped an egg for each OG NFT. These eggs will be staked through dragon dens. One egg for each dragon den will be allowed to stake. These eggs will have special utilities in upcoming developments.

State of the Project, Roadmap, and the Team

A couple of stages include an initial free mint of 444 pieces, and the first 1100 NFTs for free egg drop. The completion of the first stage will happen when the first 2,444 of NFTs have been minted. The mint of the remaining 2,000 NFTs will be available after the release of the game and the NFT staking functions are live. When the conditions are right, and the game is up and running, the team will release the remaining NFTs for mint. Free minting and the first 1,100 mints are already completed, and the game release is soon.

After the native token drop and the game’s release is completed, there will be a 100% organic cotton merch release intertwined with Dragons of the West art. The merch’s material is high quality to the point where its texture and graphics will persist after washing and drying it with regular clothes.

The team’s community manager, Andrew Reitz, has shown his face on multiple YouTube channels and podcasts, and he hosts 2 Boomer(Boomer Squad NFT) Radio Spaces every week as he is fully doxxed. Andrew also hosts a Spaces Event called “CROday AMA” with up to 160 live listeners and 400+ total visitors during the happenings of the event. He is very active on both Twitter and the project’s discord.

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