Many of our PlayFam members have asked us questions about our Play2Earn protocol.

We understand your curiosity about the protocol, and if we were in your shoes, we would also be curious. It’s normal when we are on the verge of changing the P2E paradigm and opening GameFi to the masses.

First of all, we need to tell you that we are keeping some information a secret to protect our project development and avoid any unwanted copycats with similar protocols that would most likely deliver less value to the community. We all know how crypto works. Please bear with us; it’s the best decision for the growth of our beloved project as well as our community.

Now, let’s go over the most asked questions:

When will it go live?

Play2Earn protocol will be released to beta-testers on testnet in Q2 2022. At that stage, all the approved beta-testers will have access to the protocol to provide feedback and ideas to improve the protocol and fix any found bugs (if any).

How can I become a beta-tester?

This role will be open to selected trustworthy and active members of PlayFam. It’s a significant role that will help us constantly improve our protocol. So it’s simple, be an active part of our community, and good things will come to you.

Is it just for PC?

No, we will support many Xbox and PlayStation games.

Which games will be available?

We will launch the protocol with a small selection of games plus the games selected by the OGs.

At the current date, the following games are announced.
Warzone — Community choice
Lost Ark — OG choice

More games will follow as the community grows. Stay tuned to our socials.

How can I request new games for the protocol?

That’s simple; you just need to be a PlayFam member and request a vote from our Discord admins. If your game can be supported by our protocol and has the necessary positive votes, it will be added to the protocol with top priority by “first voted, first whitelisted”.

What’s next?

The next item on our roadmap is the IDO/Public sale.
All the details of the public sale can be found HERE. But in general terms, it will be divided into three levels with three different discount levels and lock-up periods.
The primary purpose of this public sale is:

  • Code audit
  • Initial liquidity for the swap
  • Team growth and marketing

There is no minimum or maximum investment for this sale. All investors are equal.

On a final note, let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding our protocol or other aspects of this project. We value your feedback, and we are just one click away from our Discord and Twitter. We won’t bite, instead we might give you a mind blowing headshot 🙂

Do you like what you saw and want to have a more active role in our community? We are looking for Ambassadors to work closely with us and take our community to the next level.

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