At Bogged Finance we understand the role token project developers and teams play in facilitating the growth of the Cronos DeFi ecosystem.

With this in mind, we’ve created a wealth of tools aimed at these groups, to help them grow their project and reach a larger and more involved audience.

BogPriceBot — A Completely Free Telegram Price Bot Without Ads 

When it comes to community engagement, many token teams choose Telegram as their main social hub. This is mainly thanks to the messaging application’s ease of use and the personal nature of large chat groups.

A recent trend in Telegram groups has been the crypto Price Bot – a messaging bot that allows users to easily access information about a specific token without leaving Telegram. There are many price bots on the market, most of which are either costly or full of ads. The Bogged Finance team, seeing the demand for a simple and free solution, decided to create their own price bot for tokens.

BogPriceBot has many features including:

  • Buy and Sell alerts. The bot can automatically notify groups of large transactions, with customisable emoji and GIFs based on how much was traded.
  • Simple and fully customisable /price command. The bot can display a wide variety of information in response to users calling /price in chats (see below screenshot)
  • Accurate and easy to read charts. Our charts use our own price data and are quickly generated on the fly, so they’re always up-to-date. Admins can set custom time intervals and choose between candlesticks or line graphs
  • Monitor vested wallets. Teams can add wallets for monitoring, for example burn addresses, marketing wallets, staking vaults etc. This information can be displayed when /price is called
  • Custom commands. These are easily added, the bot can respond with any text or image in response to a /command
  • Completely free and no ads, for everyone. No matter how big or small the project, Bogged token price bot will always cost nothing and be free of ads
  • Multi-chain. BogPriceBot is also available for Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Moonriver, OEC, Kucoin Community Chain and HECO

To get your bot set up now, visit

Example bot response to /price

Example of buy alert with custom GIF

An Open Forum for Token Teams to Communicate With the Bogged Finance Developers

We’ve created the Token Team and Developers group on Telegram, to bridge the gap between Bogged Finance platform and your project. In this group, you can ask questions, or give feedback on the tools we offer. We believe in the importance of communication, so our admins and team members will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Visit the group now at

Security Notice: Bogged Finance team members will never DM you first!

Free Embedded Bogswap for Your Website — A User-Friendly Token Swap Widget

BogSwap is our user-friendly DEX Aggregator that guarantees users the best price on all transactions. To find out more about how BogSwap works, check out our article.

BogSwap takes the complexity out of buying and selling tokens, thanks to features like autotax and simple gas selection. It is quickly becoming the go-to DEX Aggregator for many traders, particularly on Cronos.

BogSwap is embeddable on any website, completely free with no ads.

Visit Bogged Finance Documentation to find out how to get BogSwap on your token site.

Examples of the BogSwap interface in light and dark mode.

Advertising With Bogged Finance — High-Prominence Ads on One of the Most Popular Defi Platforms

We offer two types of advertising, to suit any project and budget:

BogCharts banner ads. Get noticed by over 2 million monthly visitors with your own custom animated advertisement. We’ve streamlined the publishing process by partnering with A-Ads, if you’d like to place an ad you can do so here

BogCharts promoted token list. The promoted token list appears along with the trending list (see placements in prior section). Projects can pay to appear at the top of this list, and they are knocked down a spot when another project applies. You can apply repeatedly to stay on top of the list for as long as you wish. 

To apply now, visit

Bogged Finance —  A DeFi Project for DeFi Projects

We are constantly looking for new ways to ensure teams have the tools they need to succeed in DeFi.

To stay tuned to our upcoming news and releases, make sure to follow us on Twitter, and on our Telegram Announcement Channel. We’ve also started posting announcements to Publish0x.

-The Bogged Finance Team

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