Fate, to the Vikings, represented the highest power in the universe. Men and women’s lives were tailored by fate, the gods could win anything but fate, and the world itself had its unbreakable destiny since birth.
Nevertheless, the Viking folks pushed humankind towards unknown lands and knowledge, moved by their limitless free will and with no fixed scheme at all: what if you could achieve this freedom of choice in your life thanks to a new kind of economy?

MAG Brew Vikings is an NFT project involving gamification, digital artistic illustrations, beer-crafting, and tales inspired by Norse mythology. All surrounded by clarity and conviviality.
Our final goal is to create a new instrument for sharing passion and earnings: the foundation of an IRL beer firm that gives back its revenues to the holders who built it.

First, let’s make a step back to get a bigger picture of MAG Brew Vikings’ vision: from our perspective, three solid pillars should lie behind every NFT project, i.e.: 

  1. Artistic content 
  2. Community
  3. Sustainable finance

Having considered this, our team developed three concrete answers to these specifications before and during the minting process.

High-quality illustrations

Luigi Zitelli is an Italian professional illustrator with several international publications and a one-of-a-kind style: mixing its calm creativity with the NFT generating algorithm, he was able to give birth to a stunning collection of 8000 pieces. In almost three months of hard and steady work, Gigi hand-drew more than 140 features and 6 standalone NFTs (the Gods), taking inspiration from Norse myths, pop culture, and MAG’s unique lore.

Moreover, holders of specific backgrounds combination will be airdropped with unique artistic NFTs; in any case, every MAG owner will receive an illustrated book recounting the Tales of Midgard and depicted by a pro illustrator.

Beercrafting & Vikings

Some of you reading will wonder: what are the Tales of Midgard?
For our writers, those stories are the chance to deliver our concept through a metaphor: the Vikings fought to regain freedom by searching for beer crafting knowledge; likewise, MAG wants to give holders a tool to become part of the convivial revolution.

The construction of lore based on popular topics, such as the Viking culture and the art of crafting beer, brought together not only MAG Brew Vikings as a team but also as a patient and positive community. The first village to lay the foundation of the first-ever NFT-based in-real-life company.

Hops tokenomics

It is not always easy to both support and takes advantage of a business you believe in. Many have often given up supporting worthy projects simply because of the procedures, leaving aside possible economic losses. Our NFT can help change that.

MAG team sees the blockchain as an agile and handy tool to change the game: our ecosystem will be enriched by $HOPS, a utility token provided to holders monthly, based on their NFTs’ features.
Based on the amount of $HOPS they hold, major supporters will get the chance to earn a share of the IRL beer firm, granting a potential life-lasting passive income from a legit and decentralized company.

Since we are currently talking with actors from different business areas, the next milestone is to create the e-commerce section of our website, where Clients could instantly pay both with standard methods and crypto-currencies (starting from $CRO, of course).
That would be a concrete step toward bringing in big players that showed interest in the MAG Brew Vikings project.

A further step to show that NFTs can be more than a speculative tool.

Do you want to know more about MAG Brew Vikings? You can find our whitepaper here.

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