The Minotaur Money DAO on Cronos Network has released its debut NFT series, Majestic Minotaurs! The set is limited to a total run of 2100, and they are now available for mint at the Minotaur Money website for 90 CRO.

These NFTs are completely original works by Sugandese Tokens artist Kyoko Toshino.

The Majestic Minotaurs were stealth launched and initially made available as a complimentary offering to Minotaur Money DAO members, with an initial complimentary claim period lasting 36 hours. In addition, over 200 Majestic Minotaurs have been minted on site so far.

They provide community cohesion for Minotaur Money participants, and they may have added utility in the future; stay tuned for updates! The Majestic Minotaurs series is collectible, with documented attribute rarity and whitelisting on

Pick one up today and show that you are part of the herd!

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