Nodey the Whale NFT Example

Nodey the Whale Utility NFT Collection

The Nodey the Whale NFTs are going to be used as an extra utility layer the CronosNode NFTaaS project as well as for future use cases for CroSwap. Minting started June 25th 2022 with the Obsidian Ultra0Rre collection. The Gold, Silver and Bronze collections are now live and available for minting HERE!


All Utility NFTs will give a % discount on claiming your node rewards. If you have multiple Utility NFTs in your wallet, the contract will select the highest rarity when you claim your rewards. Utility NFT bonus does not stack. If you hold a Utility NFT, the 10% Rewards Claim Tax will be reduced as follows:

NFT Scaling Claim Discounts

All Utility NFTs will give a 0.01% chance of granting you a BONUS node when you purchase a node or claim a compounded node.

  • The pool size allocated for this feature is capped at 2000 bonus nodes after which this feature will no longer be active.
  • You will not be able to roll a bonus node if your wallet is already at the 100-node cap.

Art Styles

With over 115 unique attributes,The Nodey the Whale Utility NFT Collection is designed to provide a Wallet Level buff that reduces the claim tax based on the highest grade NFT. Wallets holding Ultra-Rare NFT’s receive the best buff and the NFT will work for any Node Navy project where our Node NFT’s reside in the same wallet.

Example Artwork

Future Ecosystem Utilities

With the development of CroSwap on the horizon, the introduction of Nodey the Whale NFTs will allow for discounts on CroSwap Utility NFTs.

Treasure Trove NFT Collection

There are 5 Treasure Trove NFTs that will randomly mint throughout the collection. If you happen to mint one of these Treasure Trove NFT, you will be sent 25,000 $CRO straight to your wallet.

  • There are no Treasure Trove NFTs allocated to the Ultra-Rare portion of the collection.
  • If you were randomly selected to receive a Treasure Trove NFT, you will still receive the Rare, Un-Common, or Common Utility NFT you selected at the mint.

Nodey the Whale Ultra-Rare NFT (Obsidian)

  • 20 Total
  • 5% off claim fees across supported EVM Node Navy Projects
  • 0.02% Discount on CroSwap Trading Fees.
  • 1% bonus multiplier on all farms/harbors that allow NFT bonuses.
  • Owner address automatically whitelisted to all of our projects that have a whitelist requirement on CroSwap private launchpads and future Node Navy Eco-system projects.

There are currently two ultra rare obsidian NFTs left.You can view these on the CronosNode dApp by clicking HERE!

Nodey the Whale Rare NFT (Gold)

  • 980 Total
  • 3% off claim fees for Cronos Network
  • 3, 25,000 $CRO Treasure Trove NFTs (At the time of writing this there is only ONE gold Treasure trove remaining)
  • Mint Price: 1,000 $CRO

Nodey the Whale Un-Common NFT (Silver)

  • 3,000 Total
  • 2% off claim fees for Cronos Network
  • 1, 25,000 $CRO Treasure Trove NFT
  • Mint Price: 800 $CRO

Nodey the Whale Common NFT (Bronze)

  • 6,000 Total
  • 1% off claim fees for Cronos Network
  • 1, 25,000 $CRO Treasure Trove NFT
  • Mint price: 600 $CRO


OctagonBackgroundSkinUniformMouthEyeHatSea Color SkyShipTattoo
Obsidian NoneBluePirateGold TeethNormalNoneGreyNightNoneNone
GoldPurpleRedBlack-TGold ToothClosedSailorBlackCloudyCanoePirate Ship
SilverGreenGreenWhite-TCigarEye PatchCaptainRedThunderSail BoatSkull and Bones
BronzeYellowBlackGreen JacketPipeMonocle PirateBlueSnowAircraft CarrierCompass
Blue SilverWhite-TSadScarMilitaryGreenSunnyBattleshipFish
NavyGoldHoodieYellow TeethTop Hat Pirate ShipShips Wheel
CyborgBlue CamoSmileHeadbandAnchor
White CamoWaterspoutShip
Green CamoCapOctopus
Traits – In no particular order

All revenues that come from this collection will be allocated as follows:

  • 70% will be invested into the Universal Sustainable Growth Fund.
  • 15% will be allocated to the CRON/CRO Liquidity Pool.
  • 15% will be allocated to Company Expenses

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