PlaySwap is the first crypto gaming project focused on rewarding all gamers, without any initial investment or changing the usual habits of the user.

Symply put: with this Play2Earn protocol you will be able to earn PLAY tokens while playing your regular PC, Xbox or Playstation video game. Then you will be able to use to boost your earnings, create a passive income, and swap tokens.

PlaySwap is a decentralized exchange developed on the Cronos blockchain with a very specific goal: To become the point of entry of the mainstream gaming community into the crypto verse.

Play2Earn main specifications:

  • Earn PLAY tokens while playing top tier games in your PC, PlayStation or Xbox
  • It’s completely free to use. No need to buy NFTs, Tokens, or any other type of investment to start earning
  • You can harvest your tokens on a weekly basis
  • Play2Earn can support thousands of games. It will start with a small selection voted by the community.
  • New games will be added regularly based on community votes.

PlaySwap Main specifications:

  • Swap tokens with a 0.2% trading fee
  • Provide liquidity and earn income from token swaps
  • Stake PLAY tokens to earn PLAY tokens
  • Farm liquidity tokens to earn PLAY tokens

What is PLAY?

PLAY is the native token of PLAYverse. IT is a CRO-20 token with the main function of incentivizing the liquidity provision of PlaySwap and rewarding the users of the Play2Earn protocol.

You can find all the detailed information about the tokenomics here.

Public sale

The public sale will be fair and open to everyone without min/max cap per investor. Therefore we will not have a private sale for big investors. It is a fair launch and it will not matter if you are a small investor or not.

So if you believe in this project, this is the best opportunity you have to support it from the start and enjoy a nice discount that can give you the opportunity to have massive profits in the long run.

This sale is a very important part of Playverse launch. It will allow the team to gather the necessary funds to accelerate the roadmap and provide the initial liquidity of PlaySwap.

To make your life easier you can pay with CRO or USDC when buying tokens in the public sale.. The CRO price will be defined at the start of each level of the public sale.

All the details of the public sale (IDO) can be found here.


Our community is, and will be an essential part of the development. We value the feedback from our users and try to make changes accordingly.

Our central social platform is Discord, where you will be able to Play to Earn, gain PLAY tokens, use those tokens to create a passive income in PlaySwap, and interact with the community.

Join our official social media profiles and stay up to date with the latest news:

Watch out for fake accounts! The PlaySwap team will never text you first and/or ask for private keys or individual information!

Ready to join the gaming revolution?

The Playverse OGs

You like what you have seen until now, you will invest in the public sale, and you want to have a more engaged role in our community?

The Playverse OGs program is exactly what you’re looking for.


  • To bring more than 20 active and real users to our discord server


  • Special lifetime role on the server
  • Exclusive perks in the future.
  • After 20 invites: 1 invite = 2 PLAY tokens
  • Request 1 game for Play2Earn launch


  • Max invites: 2500 users per OG
  • The OG program is open to anyone.
  • This program will end when the last level of the public sale is over.


  • After the OG level is achieved each invite will be rewarded with 2 PLAY tokens
  • This promotion ends on 04/27/2022
  • PlaySwap team reserves the right to disqualify any user suspected of having an abusing behavior without any further justification.
  • Disqualified users will lose the OG status and will not get any tokens.
  • User invitations will be tracked in the discord server by the Invite-tracker bot.
  • Each valid winner will get paid up to 2500 valid invitations.
  • Anyone in our server can apply to this promotion
  • The game requested for Play2Earn should be a game of our supported games.
  • OGs will get their tokens during May 2022
  • Results will be published on our Discord server one day after the promotion is over.

Your journey with PLAY starts now.

Follow PlaySwap on Twitter and join the Discord to get started.

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