To celebrate the launch of the Staking we want to give you the opportunity to get some Crobees cheaper. This event will not take place again so if you want some bees it’s the time to get them!


The Crobees is a NFT project in the Cronos Blockchain which have for main goal to create a huge hive (community) by gathering people from all the different Crypto ecosystem (DeFi, NFTs, Trading…). To do so, we created a collection of 2 222 NFTs that will be the heart of the project and then, with our roadmap 2.0 we’re implementing a lot of functionalities related to these NFTs but also to the DeFi ecosystem.


The flash discount take place from Monday 5pm UTC to Tuesday 5pm UTC. There is no limited sales for this flash discount but with over 35% minted and a lot of mints in the last 2 days, you shouldn’t take too long to mint yours…

The price is updated for 24H from 350 CRO to 200 CRO for everyone !

Mint your Crobees:


The Roadmap 2.0 is, at first, composed by:

  • Website 2.0 ✅
  • Staking Crobees to generate $HONEY ✅
  • Launch of the $HONEY token
  • Beedrop: NFT Launchpad type Overflow / Tickets
  • Beeshop: Marketplace to trade items with $HONEY tokens

Crobees have a lot more to come in the next few months, all is already written and simulated. We are here to stay for a long time and to pollinate all the Cronos ecosystem.



The $HONEY token will be, with the NFTs, the heart of the project so it was very important to think about a good long permanent tokenomics. You will see in this document that this token has a long-term goal and the ecosystem is built accordingly.

Generation & allocation

We decided this tokenomics with many simulations to have a clear estimation about the future of the token with the generation of the staking of both Crobees and $HONEY token. We would like launch it at 0,5$, it seems to be a good price and a good future market cap for the project.

  • Total supply: 10 000 000 $HONEY
  • Launch: 1 000 000 $HONEY
  • Staking: 8 000 000 $HONEY
  • Team: 500 000 $HONEY
  • Marketing: 300 000 $HONEY
  • Airdrop & mutation: 200 000 $HONEY

The NFT staking generation is linear with 1 $HONEY/day/NFTs and with 2 222 NFTs so a maximum emission of 2 222 token /day and 66 660 per month.

Airdrop & Mutation

At first, we started with a non tradable token HONEY, this token will be generated the same way and for the same amount as the $HONEY. The exact amount of HONEY generated through the first part will be airdropped in $HONEY when the token is released that’s why we allocated around 140 000 $HONEY to this process.

Secondly, good news for Crobees Holder, we will do a snapshot at a future date and each holders will receive an airdrop of 30 $HONEY per Crobees.

Are you buzzin’ ? 🐝

Enter into the hive

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