Breeding & Genetics

An air of change hovers in every hidden corner of the Cronos Jungle. Lady Weird Apes have finally arrived, and Genesis has been waiting for no less.

The Weird Apes Club needs more arms for work and more brains for scientific development, so mating season is open!

The Genesis Weird Apes and Lady Weird Apes will join forces to populate the CronosJungle with 6,000 unique babies.

These weird apes originally migrated from the ether jungle have a long family tree, and carry a great genetic heritage with them. Many mysteries lurk within the weird dna, and no one knows what to expect and what surprises are in store for them…

How to Breed

Breeding allows each owner of a GWAC and an LWAC to generate a Baby Weird Apes for the equivalent of $480WAC per breed.

The breeding process takes place on our website, where you can find a dedicated user interface that will guide you through the breeding process and the choice of the NFTs involved.

Genesis can reproduce an infinite number of times, ladies instead can have a maximum of 3 babies.
You can choose breeding combinations as you wish based on the traits you would most like the baby to inherit.

Babies & Incubators

The result of the breeding process will not be a Baby directly, but an Incubator.
The incubator is also an NFT, which conceals at first glance the child generated.

The holder in front of an incubator has two choices, either not to open it and thereby hide the Baby contained within, or to open it and reveal the hidden Baby.

Babies and Incubators are both tradable on the secondary market.


Inheritance of traits is a peculiarity of the Weird Apes, in fact each Baby inherit some traits from its parents and other traits will be completely new.

Mutated traits are more rare than inherited traits, and the probability of being able to observe a mutation on Babies increases as the number of breeds a Lady has had increases, in fact:

  • First breed: probability of a Baby having mutated traits is 5%.
  • Second breed: probability of a Baby having mutated traits is 10%.
  • Third breed: probability of a Baby having mutated traits is 15%.

The probability of mutation of Babies increases/decreases up to 50% of the original probability if the rarity of the parents is higher/lower, in this case the rarity of Genesis affects 40% of the mutation, while the rarity Ladies affect 60%.

The mutation probabilities are handled by this lines of code:



The WAC Explorer is a tool designed to allow our users to do accurate analysis within our ecosystem.

This tool allows you to search for every Weird Apes in our Club by typing in the ID, in addition to the classic trait and rank information, you can search for the parents of the Babies and Incubators, and the amount of breeding already done by each Lady.

The WAC Explorer provides a set of data about all Weird Apes, it will be helpful in the following scenarios:

  • View a Weird Ape’s name, lore, traits, and ranking.
  • Select the most appropriate Weird Apes for breeding.
  • Make evaluations on an incubator based on the data of its respective parents.
  • Check the amount of times a Lady has given birth.

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