Our genesis Weird Apes have finally landed in the Cronos Jungle, proud of their achievements so far in this long journey. Arriving at this destination was the first milestone of the long roadmap ahead, but before diving into the next steps, evolution has to take place.

Well here comes the work of intelligence and study, the Weird Ape scientists have finalized the process to evolve and raise the tribe.

We will finally implement the long-awaited WEIRDIFICATION PROCESS.


A process created by the best and most specialized weird apes scientists and consists in a contract migration. The Weirdification Process will allow Genesis Weird Apes to evolve.

Don’t be alarmed, change may be weird, but it is the key principle of evolution and the best move to adapt to new environments.

Now finally our Genesis Weird Apes will be able to work and get daily $WAC, to breed and populate the CronosJungle. Weird apes are going to be capable of changing their name and adding their own history, and most importantly of all, they will create an organized voting system, the WeirDAO.

A further consequence of the Weirdification Process will be the improvement of the graphic style of the Genesis Weird Apes.

The Weirdification process is very straightforward and all Weird Apes Club holders will be guided through the process.


What happens after the Weirdification Process?

It will start with the distribution of the $WAC, all holders of a Genesis Weird Apes will receive an initial airdrop of 240 $WAC for each Genesis Weird Ape owned, after that, the daily reward of 8 $WAC will be unlocked. To obtain the daily rewards holders have to stake their Genesis Weird Apes on our platform, this means that the NFTs will have to be locked in order to collect rewards.

Why should I participate in the Weirdification process?

As mentioned above, the process consists of a contract migration. A non-migrated Genesis Weird Apes will not be able to get its daily 8 $WAC, thus excluding the possibility to breed, vote, and customize. Migrating is worth it for everyone.


The Weird Apes Club is intended to be highly customizable, giving the true sense of availability of its NFT.

Changing name will cost 80 $WAC, the equivalent of 10 days of yield on a single Genesis Weird Apes. Adding a story will require a holding period of at least 20 days, and thus the equivalent of 160 $WAC.


Years of study have led to a solution: it takes a Lady to make a Baby!

The launch of the Lady Weird Apes along with the launch of the $WAC will initialize the ambitious project to populate the CronosJungle.

The Lady Weird Apes collection consists of 2000 NFTs, an ultra limited supply, and will have the possibility to breed 3 times each.

Breeding will cost 480 $WAC, exactly 60 days of yield.

Why so much time?
Only real holders will have the chance to get an incubator.

What are incubators?
Incubators are what holds a Baby Weird Ape. Our scientists have studied this feature to give the possibility to the holders to decide whether to open the incubator and thus obtain the Baby, or to directly put the incubator on the secondary market.

The Weird Apes have escaped in the CronosJungle just to avoid the chaos of anarchy, our weird apes scientist thanks to the innovations have made the community of Weird Apes an organized system, implementing what is called DAO, or rather the WeirDAO.

How will WeirDAO work?
The classic operation of any organized society, who has more Genesis Weird Ape will get more $WAC, each $WAC is worth as a vote.

Voting is essential to decide the next steps of the project, so it is important that each WAC holder is active in the voting process.


Last but not least, an enchantment has taken over. Weird Apes scientists have nothing to do with it, here is the artistic hand of Weird Shaman Apes. Where science doesn’t reach, magic rages.

A further consequence of the Weirdification process will be the improvement of the graphic style of the Genesis Weird Apes, in order to look their best for Lady Weird Apes, who are now very close to the tribe.

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