Reliability and security are two top qualities to look at when choosing a crypto wallet. Coupled with other features such as low transaction fees, fast transaction processing time, and flexible purchase and sending options, the app has all of these features packed in one body and much more.

For newbies to the crypto space, you require a safe and diverse wallet to keep your crypto assets. A crypto wallet should provide you with the luxury of purchasing and selling your crypto with ease and also at a low fee. The app covers all your basic cryptocurrency needs for both newbies and experts in the crypto space.

Before we get started on how you can also become a user of the app, let’s consider why the app is the best for you.

Why use the app

Here are some ways you will benefit from using the app:

Availability on both Android and iOS

The app is available on all mobile device operating systems. Why bother telling you about the benefits of the app if you won’t be able to download it? You can download the app on the Google Playstore for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.


Security sits at the heart of every crypto investment. The aim of the crypto investment is for profit and to partake in a moving train of next innovations. However, just like traditional financial systems, cryptocurrency is not free from hacks and other security issues.

There are two sides to the security of a crypto wallet; your part and the wallet provider’s part. On your part, you are required to keep your private key private, keep your seed phrase safe and store it where it can be easily retrieved, and enable other security measures such as Google authentication. With this and other security measures, you have fulfilled your part of keeping your crypto wallet safe.

On the part of wallet providers, they have to ensure that all bugs in the system are fixed and also ensure that your crypto assets are safe. For instance, the app ensures you set a passcode that you will use when authenticating transactions. If the wrong passcode is entered, four times, the wallet is locked for 30 minutes while you are notified via mail of possible illegal access to your wallet. Also, when sending out your crypto assets to external wallets, you are required to authenticate using your set passcode and your Google authentication code.

With security measures put in place by, the risk is substantially lower. However, it’s important to remember that with any investment, nothing is 100% safe. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Lowest fee offers you some of the lowest fees in the crypto space while purchasing cryptos or sending out your crypto assets. The app offers you the luxury of purchasing with your credit or debit card with a very insignificant transaction fee and fast transaction processing.

Flexible purchasing options

There are over 250 cryptocurrencies listed on the app. You have the option to purchase using more than 20 fiat currencies via your debit/credit card or bank transfer. This is a luxury not readily available on many crypto wallets. So, as a newbie or expert crypto investor, using the app will save you from the stress of having to use multiple third-party exchanges when purchasing crypto. Also, you are not restricted to one or two fiat currencies when using the app; rather, you can select from the more than 20 available.

Earn while you invest doesn’t just want you to invest in prospective crypto assets but rather it preaches “making your money work for you.” While hodling your crypto assets on the wallet, you can stake them to earn rewards. Rewards are distributed at the end of your staking period and are paid in the same currency you deposit.

Most crypto staking pools offer only staking of your crypto. adds the icing to the cake by allowing you to stake your stablecoins and earn rewards. So, on the app, you can earn while playing it safe too.

Explore using the Visa card

If you use the app, you can apply for a Visa card. Unlike normal cards issued in traditional banks, the card offers up to 8% back on spending. So for your dream vacation or family weekend getaway, cut back spending costs with the Visa card. Rewards are paid in the native token, $CRO.

Stay on track with your crypto investments

The app keeps you updated with price changes to your crypto assets. You never have to worry about missing that perfect buying/selling spot with the app. Once you set up your price alert, the app makes it easier to track your crypto assets.

Spend more than you have with instant loan

When you deposit in your wallet, you can get an instant loan. The app gives you the flexibility to select your desired credit limits and also schedules your payback plan. With the payment flexibility offered on the app, you never have to worry about statement deadlines or late fees. Also, to apply for the loan, no credit check is required; making it available to all users.

Customer Support offers one of the fastest customer support out there. You can never be too careful. It is normal to get lost once in a while using a crypto platform. The ability of customer support to clear all issues fast makes the difference. With the app, you can expect almost instant replies from customer support plus the support runs 24/7.

Getting Started

Now, you are ready to start using the app, let’s take the first step together.

Download the App:

The app is available on both iOS and Android. To download, go to your AppStore or Play Store and search for “”

Sign up using your email:

You are required to sign up before you can use your newly downloaded app. Sign up using your email and a password. Verify your account using the message sent to your mail to get started.

Complete the KYC verification:

For your security, you are required to complete the Know your Customer (KYC) part of the verification process. You can use any valid means of identification for your KYC verification.

You are ready to go:

Once you are verified, you are ready to make your first purchase. For your security, set up your passcode and Google authenticator before you make any purchases.

Make your first trade:

To make your first purchase, click the “trade” option on the landing page. Select the Buy option and then select the crypto asset you wish to buy. Afterward, select the mode of payment and the amount you wish to deposit. Confirm the transaction with your passcode.

Send crypto or fiat from an external wallet:

To send crypto or fiat from your external wallet, you need to copy your app wallet address. To do this, 

  1. Select transfer on the home page, click deposit. 
  2. This brings you to a page where you can select either to deposit crypto or fiat. 
  3. For crypto, select crypto and select the token you wish to deposit. Select the matching network from where you are sending it and copy the wallet address.
  4. For fiat deposit, select fiat and set up the fiat currency you wish to deposit. Copy the required details to make the deposit.

Send crypto or fiat to an external wallet:

To send crypto or fiat to an external wallet, 

  1. Click transfer on the home page and select the withdraw option.
  2. For crypto, select crypto and choose whether you want to send to another user or external wallet.
  3. You can send crypto to other users through your contact.
  4. For an external wallet, you are required to copy the wallet address of the sending wallet and set it up on
  5. For Fiat, select withdraw and select with fiat currency you wish to withdraw.

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