has experienced massive growth since its launch in 2016. The growth of the platform is undoubtedly due to the endless range of user-oriented products and services it offers. The products and services include exchange (app), DeFi, NFT marketplace, and Visa cards.

If you are a creator and looking to sell your art on the NFT marketplace, this article takes you through the steps to get started.  

Although pushes for more creators in its NFT marketplace, you should know that many creators get rejected daily. While there is no sure hack to get your application approved, we have gathered some tips to make sure you are not one of those rejected.

Also, since the application to be a creator on’s NFT marketplace is a one-time thing, you cannot afford to get it wrong. Once your application is rejected, you can no longer submit another application or appeal.

Steps to Becoming a Creator on NFT Marketplace

STEP 1: Create a positive outlook

You should have an organized profile and a business social page before you apply. Your branding is one of the most important factors considered when reviewing your application to be a creator on’s NFT marketplace. 

If you are just starting as a creator and don’t have a good portfolio depth, you should not consider applying to be a creator on the NFT marketplace. Focus on building your profile on and off social media and then you can think about applying.

Why is your portfolio important when applying? has thousands of applications to review daily. A first glance at your portfolio and your social media page will determine if the reviewer will scroll or leave immediately.

STEP 2: Create a NFT marketplace profile

When you are sure you have the proper profile to portray the art you claim you create, you can move to create your NFT marketplace.

To create an NFT marketplace, follow the steps below:

  • Click on this link to open it from your browser
  • Click “sign up” to create a profile.
  • Fill in all the required input and click on the sign-up button.
  • Use the same email that you had used for creating an account on your app (this will help you to link both accounts in the next section).
  • Verify your account through the link sent to your mail.

Note: You cannot create a NFT account via the app. 

When you are done creating a NFT account and you are ready to move to the next step.

STEP 3: Link your app to your NFT account

 You need to link your app account to the NFT account you have just created. So, if you don’t have a app account, you need to download the app and open an account.

  • To open a app account, open the app and follow all instructions, fill all fields, and provide your KYC information. 

If you are linking your app and NFT account via your app, you need to:

  • Scroll down when you open your app and click on the NFT section
  • Click on the “see all” link
  • Click on the “connect” button
  • Click on the “log in now” button
  • Input your NFT password
  • Input the secret code sent to your email and click continue

With these simple steps, you have successfully linked your app and NFT account.

Now, you need to apply to become a creator on the marketplace. Follow the steps in “step 4” to achieve this.

STEP 4: Apply to become a creator

To apply to become a creator;

  • Click on the menu icon and select “create
  • Fill in the required fields 
  • Click on submit

To increase your chances of getting your application approved, we advise that you fill all fields (optional or compulsory). Also, provide as much relevant information as you can.

How does filling all fields and providing relevant information increase your chances of approval? The creator application zone is a war field and trusts us when we say the next creator is doing all they can to be selected.

While says the social media and website links are optional, it helps to solidify your authority in what you do. If all applications received have outstanding portfolios, it all boils down to the supposed “optional” requirements. Therefore, we think it is better to submit all requirements.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does the review process take?

  • According to, you should get a response within 7 days. However, not all failed applications will get a reply from
  • Therefore, if you don’t get a reply from, you can assume your application has been rejected. 

Can you appeal a failed NFT creator application?

  • You can not appeal if your application has been rejected. However, promises to add this feature in the future.

Can my creator’s access be revoked after approval?

  • Your creator access can be revoked or suspended if you violate the regulations. Violations that can lead to reverting or suspending your creator’s access include;
  • If your NFTs are alleged to be unlawful objects, feature any third-party works, including written or musical compositions, pictures, trademarks, logos, or brand names.
  • includes any defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, or illegal words, phrases, images, topics, names, materials, or data.
  • If your NFT breaches another person’s legal rights (such as their right to privacy and publicity) by defaming, abusing, stalking, harassing, or in any other way,

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