Before I begin, I would like to point out that this bridge technique and guide works for many blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche, Fantom, KCC, Polygon and more. I will go step by step to keep it nice and simple and walk you through it!

You will need Metamask & $ELK Tokens. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to get $ELK tokens.

First, You will need to setup Metamask, you can install it here:

It is on Android, Chrome, IOS.

For this tutorial, I am going to assume you understand how to use MetaMask as this is a non-kyc bridge tutorial, if not though please begin with this guide: How To: Getting Started on Cronos Chain.

Step 1. Go into your MetaMask wallet, click the network you are on (next to your profile picture, mine says BSC) then Click “Add Network”.

Step 2.  Add this information into the boxes and click save afterwards.

(Alternative RPC URL if the one above doesn’t work: “”) **WARNING** THIS ALTERNATIVE RPC URL SERVICE IS STILL IN BETA.

Step 3. Go back onto the chain you were normally, in my example BSC, then go to:

And swap some BNB for some $ELK.

Step 4. Once you have your $ELK, go to elknet:

Click “Select Target Chain” and choose “Cronos”. Make sure you select “Swap $ELK 1 for gas” so when you go onto the cronos chain, you will have enough gas to swap your $ELK to $CRO. (Keep in mind that it costs 1 $ELK to transfer over to cronos) Click “Transfer’ and confirm the transaction! This should take no longer than 5 minutes!

Step 5. Congrats, you now have $ELK on Cronos chain, now to be able to use cronos chain and see your balance, you will need to import the $ELK token into your metamask, click on “Import Tokens”, 

  • ELK Token Contract Address is: 0xe1c110e1b1b4a1ded0caf3e42bfbdbb7b5d7ce1c
  • Token Symbol: ELK

Step 6. Now use the elk finance dex swap here: to convert your $ELK over to $CRO or any altcoin on Cronos Chain!

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