To get started with Cronos Chain, you must first bridge your CRO over to the Cronos Chain. You can do this with the APP or their Defi Wallet. App Bridging

Step 1. Open your “defi wallet” and click on “ Coin”

Step 2. Click on “Receive”

Step 3. Click on “Network” and click on “CRONOS”. You will then see a QR code and a wallet address, click the copy button down on the right bottom corner (circled in red) to copy the wallet address to your clipboard.

Step 4. Go into the APP and click “Accounts”. Then click on “ Coin”.

Step 5. Click on “Transfer”

Step 6. Click on “Withdraw”

Step 7. If your Defi Wallet is connected to your App, you can click withdraw to Defi Wallet, Although be warned as that will connect your identity to your wallet if you do decide to connect them. Otherwise you can click “External Wallet”.

Step 8. Make sure you are on “Wallet Address” and not “Blockchain Domains” and then press the “+” button in the top right.

Step 9. Click “Wallet Address”

Step 10. Make sure to select the “Cronos” Network and paste your cronos address below. The Wallet Name can be anything you want, I personally name it something to remember where I sent that money too. For example “Cronos Defi Wallet”, or you can make up any name you’d like.

Step 11. Withdraw your CRO


Step 12. Make sure all the info looks correct and then click Confirm and you now have bridged your CRO over to Cronos Chain! Congratulations!

If you want to bridge your CRO directly from the Defi Wallet, you can do that as well with the built in bridge. Let’s get started.

Defi Wallet Bridging

Step 1. Open your Defi Wallet and scroll down until you see the Cronos Beta Bridge and click on it.

Step 2. Make sure it says “From Mainnet” and “To Cronos Beta”. Enter in the amount of CRO you want to move onto CRONOS. **DO NOT CLICK MAX** Clicking Max will not work as it leaves no CRO for any gas fees, therefore your bridging transaction will fail. I recommend leaving around 1-2 CRO in your wallet.

Step 3. Congratulations! You have now bridged CRO onto CRONOS Chain using your Defi Wallet!

MetaMask Wallet Setup

You are probably now wondering “What was the point of the bridge? What can I do with my CRO now?”. You can now invest in many projects which are being built on top of the Cronos Chain. As of now, to do this you will need MetaMask installed as it makes things a lot easier too. So let’s dig into this part.

Step 1. Install MetaMask at

Step 2. After you’ve installed MM and created an account, click on your profile picture and scroll down to “Settings”. 

Step 3. Once you are in settings, scroll down until you find “Networks” and click “Add Network”

Step 4. Add this information into the boxes and click save afterwards.

(Alternative RPC URL if the one above doesn’t work: “”)

Step 5. You can now click the copy to clipboard on your MetaMask Wallet Address as shown below. And you can use this address to send your CRONOS CRO over to it. I recommend you send a small test transfer of CRO to see if it goes through successfully, once it does and shows up, it will be even safer to send a higher amount of CRO after. Remember that MetaMask wallet has a secret Recovery Phrase just like your Defi Wallet, NEVER tell ANYONE your recovery phrase no matter who it is, not even employees! Write down these words in a safe place as you did your defi wallet seed phrase.

You can now invest in projects built on cronos chain using your CRO now. Most websites will have a button for you to click called “connected wallet”. Once you’ve clicked this, it may ask you how you want to connect your wallet with MetaMask, once you click connect with metamask, you will be required to login to your metamask wallet unless you’ve already recently done that.

Congratulations! Now that you know how to invest in projects built on Cronos Chain with your CRO, you are probably curious which projects should you be looking at and possibly investing in, you can check out projects on our directory:

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