users who use the instant deposit feature of the app must have come across terms such as Available Balance, Pending Balance, and Outstanding balance. Your available balance is the total amount you have in your fiat wallet; it is displayed in USD. Your pending balance is the transaction amount that was initiated from your bank to settle your instant deposit funds.

The outstanding balance on the other hand comes as a result of a failed pending balance. An outstanding balance means the transaction made by from your bank to your fiat wallet has failed. Therefore, you now owe the platform money from instant deposits.

What is’s Outstanding Balance? outstanding balance is a term used to indicate the amount a user owes the platform following a failed pending transaction. For instance, if you make an instant deposit of $200, a transaction of the same amount ($200) will be made through a bank deposit to your fiat wallet. 

The $200 transaction made from your bank will pend for seven business days while all withdrawal and staking activities from your app will be locked. If you have lesser than the amount initiated in the transaction ($200 in this case) in your bank account before the pending balance clears, the transaction will fail. This results in an outstanding balance of $200.

How to check if you have an Outstanding Balance

To check if you have an outstanding balance:

  • Click on “Accounts
  • Select “Fiat Wallet
  • Select “USD Fiat Wallet
  • Click “Instant Deposit
  • Click “Outstanding Balance

You will find your outstanding balance by following these steps.

How is Outstanding Balance calculated? calculates your outstanding balance based on the amount you have left in your fiat wallet. In a case where you have funds from other means in your fiat wallet before or after your initial deposit, any money left in the wallet will be placed in the pending balance. 

For instance, if you made a $100 transfer from your crypto wallet to your USD fiat wallet then, you make an instant deposit of $500. You purchase $450 worth of crypto leaving you with a balance of $150 in your USD fiat wallet. If your instant deposit fails to settle, the remaining $150 in your USD fiat wallet will be moved to your Pending Balance and you can’t buy crypto with the funds. This will leave you with an outstanding balance of $350 that needs to be settled.

In a case where your available balance is insufficient to purchase cryptocurrency after your instant deposit fails to settle, withdrawal is restricted from the entire USD Fiat wallet until you resolve your Outstanding Balance.

Following a failed instant deposit settlement, you will only have one day to settle your outstanding balance before take measures to recover its funds.

What happens if you don’t settle an Outstanding Balance?

If you fail to settle your instant deposit after a day, any money left in your USD fiat wallet will be moved to your pending balance. If your current pending balance does not equal the outstanding balance, will liquidate your crypto assets.

Any USD stable coin you have will first be liquidated. If your USD stable coin doesn’t balance the equation, the platform will proceed to liquidate other cryptocurrencies in descending market capitalization order.

For instance, if you have an outstanding balance of $500, and you own USD stable coin worth (BUSD in this case) $200, and other cryptocurrency assets add up to $900. After 24 hours of failing to settle your outstanding balance, will sell your $200 BUSD. You are left with an outstanding balance of $300. If the balance is still not settled the next day, will sell your crypto asset with the largest market cap. More assets will be liquidated and your USD fiat wallet balance returns to $0.

How to settle your Outstanding Balance

To prevent from liquidating your crypto assets, you need to make another deposit from your bank using either the ACH Push, Wire Transfer or by selling your other crypto-assets and moving the funds into your USD fiat wallet.

Once your USD fiat wallet balance is back at $0, you have successfully settled your outstanding balance.

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