The Visa debit card provides many benefits when compared to its pairs. The continuous rewards on spending for the lower tiers have to be the top highlight, while the top tiers provide VIP privileges. Each card has a restricted ATM withdrawal limit for being fee free based on the card type. For instance, the midnight blue has a monthly limit of $100 while the Icy frost has a monthly limit of $1000.

You can top-up your visa card through many methods, including instant top-up, fiat wallet, crypto wallet, PayPal, and third-party wallets. This article will put you through steps to use all of these methods to use the most convenient way for the visa debit card top-up.

Instant top-up for your card

The instant top-up uses your debit or credit card linked to your wallet. To use this:

  • Click on the “card button” on your app
  • Select “Top-up”
  • Select “Credit card.”
  • Tap on “Add credit or debit card.” You don’t need to add a new card if you have your card linked to your wallet. You only need to select which card to use and proceed.
  • For adding new cards, you need to input your required card information and then click “add a card.”
  • Input the top-up amount in your base currency (for instance, USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, and others)
  • Confirm the transaction

Fiat Wallet Top-Up for your card

To top up your card using your fiat wallet, you will need to use your base currency. For instance, users in the U.S will top up using USD, while users in the U.K will use GBP. To top up through fiat wallet:

  • Click on the “card option.”
  • Select “top-up”
  • Select the “fiat wallet” option
  • Input the amount your wish to top up in “your base currency.”
  • Confirm the transaction

Crypto wallet top-up for your card

To top up your Visa card with your crypto wallet, you need to verify if the crypto you plan to use is supported. The cryptocurrencies that can be used for top-up include ADA, BTC, CHZ, DAI, DOGE, ENJ, EOS, ETH, LINK, LTC, MANA, MATIC, PAX, TAUD, TCAD, TGBP, TUSD, UNI, USDC, USDT, VET, XLM, and ZIL. To top up using any of the listed cryptos:

  • Click on the “card option.”
  • Select “Top-up”
  • Choose the “crypto wallet” option
  • Select your preferred cryptocurrency
  • Input the amount you wish to top up in your base currency or crypto
  • Confirm the transaction

Top up your Visa card with PayPal

PayPal is another option you can consider to top up your debit card. To top up using PayPal:

  • Click on “card.”
  • Select “Top-up”
  • Click on the “credit card” option to select the PayPal option
  • Click “connect to PayPal.” 
  • Fill in your PayPal account details to log in
  • Choose and confirm the preferred card
  • Input the top-up amount in your “base currency.”
  • Confirm the transaction

Top-up your Visa card through family and friends

You can top up your family and friends’ debit cards, and they can do the same for you. To top-up from a third-party app:

  • Click on “card.”
  • Select “Send”
  • Select a contact from your phone
  • Input the amount you wish to send in your “base currency.”
  • Confirm the transaction

For all methods to top up your visa debit card, there is a 15 seconds refresh period to adjust the rate when confirming your transaction. If you don’t approve the transaction within 15 seconds, the current rate will be changed; it might stay the same, reduced, or increased.

Topping up your debit card takes only a few steps; therefore, you can do them in lesser time. always finds a seamless and stress-free way to ensure that you enjoy all of its unlimited services with your family and friends. 

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