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Crypto.com Defi wallet provides you with all the full control to perform your cryptocurrency transaction. While the Crypto.com app is a custodial wallet partially managed by the developer and the user, the Crypto.com DeFi wallet is fully managed by the user. With a non-custodial wallet, users are responsible for the safety of the wallet, can perform transactions across multiple crypto chains, and browse DApps.

While Crypto.com DeFi allows you to stake and earn rewards on the app or browser, you can also connect with other top DApps. With other top and secure DApps, you can stake, mine, swap, and earn within your DeFi wallet. In summary, Crypto.com DeFi wallet provides you with the full suite of DeFi services in one place.

Since you might have to swap across multiple chains while exploring Crypto.com’s different DeFi services, it is easy to get confused when you need to withdraw your earnings. This article will provide you with a guide on how you can swap from one chain to another and withdraw your earnings.

How to swap across chains when using Crypto.com DeFi

Crypto.com DeFi wallet has an in-built swap function that allows you to swap across multiple blockchains within the DeFi wallet. Crypto.com DeFi swap currently supports four blockchains; Cronos Beta, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon. Hopefully, more blockchains will be added to this list in the future.

To swap tokens on your Crypto.com DeFi wallet:

  • Navigate to the “Swap” tab in DeFi Wallet.
  • Accept responsibility for not being a citizen or resident of a geo-restricted area.
  • To display the projected exchange price, choose the networks and tokens under “From/To.”
  • Input the token amount in either the “From” or “To” field, then click “Swap.”
  • Examine the network, protocol, swap pair, exchange rate, minimum/maximum sold amount, and anticipated network charge.
  • Authorize the transaction by tapping “Confirm Swap” and entering your password and 2FA code (if enabled)
  • Allow the swap to be validated on the blockchain; after it has, go to the relevant wallet to view your new balance.

Swapping through 1inch V3 will incur an extra service charge. The service cost is included in the exchange price, and the received amount is calculated using the modified price after deducting the service fee. For a short while, users can benefit from a service cost waiver.

To know which protocol the swap will be, you will find the information on the screen when you want to confirm the swap. There are different protocols for each chain. For the Ethereum chain, you can use DeFi swap and 1inch. For Cronos, you can use the VVS Finance swap protocol. For the BNB chain, you can use the Pancake swap protocol.

How to withdraw your earnings on Crypto.com DeFi wallet

The Crypto.com DeFi wallet gives you the leverage to convert between over 300 listed crypto tokens and across 4 different blockchains. However, you cannot sell your Fiat currency via the DeFi wallet app or browser. To sell your cryptocurrency, you need to send your crypto back to your Crypto.com app and then convert it to Fiat.

To do this, you must connect your Crypto.com app to your DeFi wallet. To connect both wallets:

  •  Go to the “Settings” page on your crypto.com DeFi app
  • Click on  “Connect to Crypto.com App”
  • Acknowledge the disclaimers and tap “Continue”
  • Enter your registered Crypto.com App account email
  • Check for the “Authorize connection” email in your mailbox
  • Click “Connect” from the connection email on the device that has your Crypto.com DeFi Wallet
  • Enter your Crypto.com App six-digit passcode
  • Click “Authorize” to launch Crypto.com DeFi Wallet
  • Confirm the “Connection success” 

Once you are done linking your Crypto.com DeFi and App, you can now send your crypto to your Crypto.com app. To send your crypto earnings from your DeFi wallet to your app:

  • Choose a cryptocurrency you want to send from your Crypto.com DeFi wallet. 
  • On the transfer address page, click on “Crypto.com App”.
  • The associated token’s address in the Crypto.com App will be immediately filled in. If a memo is necessary for the associated token, it will also be filled in automatically.
  • Confirm the transaction

Note: The button to send to “Crypto.com App” for non-supported tokens will be blocked since you won’t be able to transfer currencies that are not allowed to your Crypto.com App account. Before sending to your app, you must switch to the compatible network.

With the above-listed steps, you are on your way to withdrawing and spending your earnings on your Crypto.com DeFi wallet. Also, the Crypto.com DeFi wallet allows a seamless switch between your mobile phone and your PC. So, you can make transfers to your Crypto.com app from either device.

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