Since launched in 2016, the platform has continued to provide continuous valuable tools and products to its users. In 2021, added the visa card to the list of its products with the promise to make spending cryptocurrency convenient. And so far, the platform has managed to achieve all it has promised despite some setbacks.

Before the launch of the Visa cards, crypto investors need to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat currency via P2P to be able to spend. There are fees attached to this conversion which defeats the whole purpose of eliminating the “middle-men” in modern financial institution structure. has managed to successfully bridge the gap between converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency and spending it easily. launched five different visa cards; Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, Jade Green/Royal Indigo, Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold, and Obsidian. Each of the cards come with its uniqueness in terms of style, branding, and rewards. Some of the rewards include reimbursement on Spotify, Netflix, Amazon prime, airport lounge access, and private jet partnership. The Obsidian Visa cards offer the most benefit to users while the Midnight Blue offers the least rewards, but it is free to get.

Many card users have doubts about the changes to the Visa card reward program by The reward program affected the rewards on staked CRO, monthly cashback on spending, and the introduction of a monthly cap on two of’s visa cards.

Before the changes to the visa cards on 1st June 2022, Midnight Blue received 1% cashback as CRO stake rewards, Ruby Steel card received 2%, Jade Green/Royal Indigo card received 3%, Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold received 5%, and Obsidian card received 8%. However, after the changes to the card rewards, Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, and Royal Indigo/Jade Green will no longer receive any CRO stake rewards, while Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold will receive 1%, and Obsidian will receive 2% stake rewards.

Also, the Ruby Steel and Royal Indigo/Jade Green Wisa card were set to a monthly cap of $25 and $50, respectively. However, as this is a major setback and a huge change to the rewards on the cards, there are still so many benefits that make the card perfect for your vacation.

Here are the top six reasons why the cards are perfect for your next vacation.

1) Top-Up Flexibility

As one of the promises of when launching its Visa cards, the platform has made it very convenient to spend your cryptocurrency at little to no cost. For crypto investors, you don’t need to dip into your fiat currency for your next vacation. With your next vacation, you can simply spend your cryptocurrency. offers many ways to top-up your Visa cards. You can top-up your Visa card via cryptocurrency, fiat, PayPal, and via transfer from friends. 

How do you spend your cryptocurrency using your Visa card? offers a way through which users can top up their Visa cards easily and fast using cryptocurrency. To top up your card using cryptocurrency;

  1. Click on the “card option.”
  2. Select “Top-up”
  3. Choose the “crypto wallet” option
  4. Select your preferred cryptocurrency
  5. Input the amount you wish to top up in your base currency or cryptocurrency
  6. Confirm the transaction

For other ways to top-up your Visa card, check our quick guide to top-up your cards.

2) Cut your cost based on your size offers different tiers of cards based on the user’s demand. All of the cards except Midnight Blue offer the same metal material. However, each card will surely offer you a different experience. 

All the visa cards except Midnight Blue have a daily withdrawal limit of $2,000 and a monthly withdrawal limit of $10,000. The Midnight Blue card has a monthly withdrawal limit of $5,000. However, to get’s Midnight Blue Visa card, you are not required to stake CRO, but to get other card-tiers you are required to stake CRO on the app. For instance, to get’s Ruby Steel card, you need to stake $400 worth of CRO, for Royal Indigo/Jade green, you need to stake $4,000 worth of CRO, and to get the Obsidian Visa card you need to stake $400,000 worth of CRO.

So, based on your vacation needs, you can choose to go for any of the cards and still have a splendid experience.

3) Reward Benefits

Although there have been recent drawbacks to Visa card reward benefits, you still get to earn as you spend on your vacation. While modifications have been made to CRO stakes and a monthly reward cap attached to some of the cards, has left the card benefits intact. 

You will still get monthly reimbursement in CRO on Spotify, Netflix, Amazon prime, Expedia, and Airbnb. Also, for high-tier card holders (Royal Indigo/Jade Green, Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold and Obsidian) you will still enjoy airport lounge access. Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold and Obsidian Visa card holders can bring one guest along to enjoy the airport lounge access. private jet benefits are limited to just Obsidian Visa card holders. With the private jet benefit you get a bottle of Dom Perignon and a single one-way trip of VIP ground transportation when using VistaJet. 

So, while you enjoy your vacation, finds ways to enhance your vacation experience through rewards and card benefits.

4) Free ATM Withdrawals cards come with free ATM withdrawals. The monthly cap attached to each ATM withdrawal differs based on the card tier.’s Midnight Blue has a free monthly withdrawal of up to $200, Ruby Steel up to $400, Royal Indigo/Jade Green up to $800, and Icy White/Frosted Rose Gold and Obsidian up to $1,000.

This is one feature that most Visa cards don’t offer and many users planning the next vacation should explore.

5) No Monthly or Annual Fee

Only a few Visa card providers offer no monthly or annual fee attached to their card usage. is among the few Visa card providers that allow you to save costs attached to card usage. With Visa cards you don’t have to worry about inactivity fees, withdrawal fees, balance inquiry fees, transaction fees, and monthly fees.

6) You Don’t Pay to Get the Cards

Unlike many debit cards, you don’t pay to get any of the Visa debit cards. However, to get any of the cards except the Midnight Blue, you are required to stake CRO. The amount of CRO you have to stake ranges from $400 to $40,000. 

To get the cards, your staked CRO will be locked for 180 days. You will however, continue to earn rewards on the staked CRO while it is staked and you can decide to leave it staked or withdraw it back to your wallet after 180 days. Your card will be delivered within a month of the request. While you wait for the physical card, you can make transactions and payments using a virtual card on your card.

So, if you have your vacation planned for a time when you won’t have your physical card, you can still make transactions and payments using your virtual card.

In conclusion continues to deliver on its promise to deliver user-oriented products. While the platform might have experienced some drawbacks in its service over the past months, it has managed to expand its reach to more customers continually. Also, the crypto market is in decline and has swallowed many great projects, continues to stand firm. 

The Visa card provides all you need to enjoy a perfect vacation with your loved ones with its earn-while-you-spend programs. Order any of the Visa cards.

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