The app and DeFi have gained considerable recognition and support since their launch. With the amazing features to die for, the platform encompasses ease of access and constant updates to ensure that you have a pleasant trading experience. While the app and DeFi provide all freedom and flexibility you need, there are certain things to always watch out for.

Even though developers strive constantly to ensure that users have a smooth experience on the app, users are also expected to play their part. Some of the responsibilities of the app users include staying updated with the platform’s policies, keeping their wallets safe, and doing the research before connecting their wallets to third-party websites.

VPN Kills supports —- countries and any of its services can be used in these countries. However, in unsupported countries, only your visa card can save the day. Trying to outsmart the app while in unsupported countries by using a VPN will only get your account suspended till you reach a location where it is supported.

So, to not disturb your vacation schedule or spoil the fun, we advise you to top up your visa card before vacation and avoid the use of the app in unsupported countries. You can top up your visa card via your debit/credit card, crypto wallet, and fiat wallet. To load your visa card via your debit/credit card;

  • Go to the Card page
  • Tap on Top Up
  • Select Credit Card
  • Tap on Add Credit or Debit Card
    • Input all required card information
    • Tap Add Card
    • Input the top-up amount in USD 
    • Confirm the transaction

Watch out for scam schemes

The crypto market is at its lowest since the year started. While most portfolios are down, we never want you to lose your investment. It is uncommon that there will be many schemes to rip you off your investments while there is panic in the market. To avoid this, we advise you to shine your eyes and always use the help section.

There will be schemes on crypto group chats requiring you to link your crypto DeFi wallet to a malicious link for some benefits or staking rewards; this will only lead to losing your crypto investments. The customer support is always available to answer your queries and guide you. Also, if you feel a certain way about some investment risk you are about to take, you can seek advice from fellow investors on the Reddit page.

Email scams seem to be one of the prominent ways to attack your wallet. has created a means to identify mails from the platform with your “Anti-phishing code.” The anti-phishing code is a code set by you that accompanies any mail sent by to you. If you receive any mail without the anti-phishing code, you can easily discard them. To set up your anti-phishing code;

  • Click on the settings icon
  • Scroll down to “Anti-phishing” and click
  • Input your desired code
  • Confirm the action

While the market is bleeding, don’t kill your crypto portfolio with rash decisions.

The crypto golden rule

Many expert crypto traders and investors are very familiar with the crypto golden rule to not lose your investments. However, a lot of new users seem to find a way to skip or miss this rule. The first crypto golden rule is – Never to give out your wallet’s private key. With the golden rule, you can escape a lot of schemes to hack your wallet.

While your app is a custodian wallet; the platform safeguards it, your DeFi wallet is not. With your DeFi wallet, you are partly responsible for protecting and not losing your wallet. To protect your DeFi wallet, you only need to follow the golden rule and watch out for third-party links before connecting to your wallet. 

The support will never ask you for your private key to help with any support services. If you receive a private message via any social media platform requesting to help you with any unresolved issue hereby requesting for your wallet’s private key; it is a scam.

The Cronos network continues to seek ways to improve users’ experience on its platform with innovative ideas. While you look to benefit from these initiatives, we advise you constantly be on the lookout for the odds ways through which you can lose your investment. 

While many of these schemes are simple and avoidable, many users fall victim daily. Don’t be the next scam victim. 

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