The crypto ecosystem is growing fast and promises its users lots of exciting benefits. One of the best features crypto exchanges give is “earning free crypto.” offers many exciting ways to make your crypto journey a profitable one. At the top of the list is how you can earn the native token, CRO. This article covers some of the easiest things you can do on the app to earn free CRO.

Top three ways to Earn CRO on the app

You will encounter different offers while using the app, including offers on the Visa card, staking, reward programs, and others. However, we will focus on some of the easiest things you should do to earn free CRO and how to go about them.

Sign-up bonuses offers a sign-up bonus campaign to encourage new users and serve as a means to earn free CRO. This is somewhat an affiliate program that asks you to invite your friends to the platform in exchange for sign-up bonuses when they register. It doesn’t get easier than this.

How do you go about this?

For each friend you refer, you get $25. To do this, all you have to do is share your referral link. Your referrals must sign-up and pass the KYC verification to get the exclusive sign-up bonus.

How do you get your referral link?

  1. 1) On your app, go to the “reward section,” The reward page has a “lion” icon.

2) Select the “referral bonus balance” and click “see details.”

3) Tap on “share now” to get your referral code.

Now, perhaps your referrals forget to enter your referral code while signing up; they have the opportunity to enter the code within five days of completing their KYC verification.

Another twist to getting your referral bonus is that you have to stake CRO to make a reservation for any of the visa cards to unlock your rewards. Once a card reservation is made for your account, you will receive your sign-up bonus in your wallet. reward and mission program offers ways to earn CRO through its reward and mission program. Every time you use the pay option, you get cashback paid in CRO. The reward program includes purchasing gift cards or mobile airtime via the app using CRO as your payment method. Also, you earn CRO rewards when you send CRO to friends via the app or using pay check out on the app.

For the mission program, you earn diamonds rather than the native token, CRO. The mission program rewards loyal users with diamonds when they complete the various task on the app. Earned diamonds have no monetary value, but they can be used to open mystery boxes that contain up to $1,100 worth of CRO when you earn them.

Go to the “Lion” icon on your app to start earning CRO through the reward and mission program. Under the bonus section, you will find the “Missions” and “Rewards” buttons.


One of the most convenient and stress-free ways to earn free CRO on the app is to stake your CRO. offers a Crypto Earn program that serves the sole purpose of helping you increase your portfolio. Once you stake your CRO with Crypto Earn, you will receive an agreed ROI on the stake, and the rewards will be paid in the same token.

The little trick to staking is the ROI varies based on the amount you stake and the duration of stake.

How do you stake your CRO?

To stake your CRO, tap the “Lion” icon on your app. Under the finance section, select the “Earn” feature and choose CRO as the token to stake.

In conclusion, these are some of the few ways through which you can earn CRO on your app. However, there are other benefits you stand to enjoy on the app when you use the visa card. To find out the fantastic benefits the visa card offers, check out this post (Link to the hidden perks of the card).

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