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There are many reasons why you might experience a failed transaction while using any of Crypto.com’s products and services. Some of these reasons include system maintenance, incorrect address, bank issues, and others. However, most of these issues rarely occur and you might never experience them.

If you however experience a ‘declined by issuer’ error while using your card, these are some of the top reasons. This article takes a look at why you might have a failed transaction using the crypto.com visa card and also new updates you might have missed about Crypto.com.

Five reasons why you might get the declined by issuer error

1) Have at least more than 20% more on your card

For new Crypto.com visa card users, if you experience a failed transaction with your new card then you should try this trick. While making a purchase, have more than 20% of the amount you are paying on your card. While there is no solid explanation of why this works, it gets the job done.

To avoid trying out different percentages you need to add to your purchase amount, we say try to have a minimum of 40% more than the amount you are paying with your card. For instance, if you need to make a payment of $200 with your new crypto.com card, try to have an extra $80 to $100 on your card. So, to purchase $200, have $280 to $300 on your crypto.com visa card.

2) System maintenance procedure

Crypto.com does regular system maintenance to make sure you have the experience you deserve while using any of its services or products. The platform tries its best to notify all users of any upcoming maintenance via the app, email, and social media platforms a few days before the maintenance and some hours before it does the maintenance. 

If you manage to miss the notification somehow, check any of the crypto.com platforms or any mail from crypto.com to confirm if system maintenance is why you are having difficulty using your Crypto.com Visa card. 

3) Low fee on your card

Just like every regular card, it is not impossible to experience insufficient funds on your card from time to time. If you experience a failed transaction on your Crypto.com visa card, confirm that you have up to that amount on your Crypto.com visa card. To avoid insufficient fees on your card from time to time, keep regular track of your spending while using the card.

4) Confirm Card details

If you are having a failed transaction while trying to make a purchase or payment online using your Crypto.com Visa card, check that you input the correct card details. Ensure that all the numbers on the card, the expiry date, and the CVV are all correct. If you still experience the same issue after confirming the card details, try other options.

5) Activate your card 

Before you can use your Crypto.com card, you need to activate it. When Crypto.com delivers your visa card, you need to activate it on your Crypto.com app before you can make purchases and payments with it.

To activate your Crypto.com card;

  • Click the Card icon in the Crypto.com App.
  • Go to “Card Issue Status” and choose “Activate Physical Card.”
  • To activate your physical card, enter your new 3-digit CVV number.
  • Choose a PIN.
  • Verify the PIN.
  • Your Card must be topped up before use.

6) Enable international usage

To make international transactions using your Crypto.com card, you need to enable international usage from your Crypto.com app. This is one of the top reasons you might experience a failed international transaction.

To enable international usage for your Crypto.com Visa card;

  • Go to the Card section on your Crypto.com App
  • Under the card settings section, you will find a toggle key to enable or disable international card usage for your card.

 Don’t forget to disable this option when you are done with your transaction.

Get up to date with Crypto.com’s latest news

Here is some other interesting Crypto.com news you missed during the past weeks. Crypto.com now has over 40 cryptocurrencies for its recurring buy feature. Also, there is another listing of the Crypto.com native token, CRO.

More Tokens added for recurring buying on Crypto.com app

Recurring buy on the crypto.com app is a feature that enables users to utilize the Dollar Cost Averaging investment strategy. The goal of dollar-cost averaging (DCA), a financial investing technique, is to lessen the impact of volatility on a purchase by spreading out the overall amount to be invested across several frequent purchases of a target asset. The acquisitions take place regularly, regardless of the asset’s cost.

On the Crypto.com app, you can now use the recurring buy feature for over 40 listed tokens on the platform.

Grayscale looking to add CRO

Grayscale is a dependable partner for institutional and individual investors interested in digital currencies and the expanding digital economy. As investors navigate and allocate capital to this growth asset, Grayscale has expanded along with it to establish itself as the go-to partner. 

In a recent tweet by Grayscale, the platform listed Crypto.com’s native token, CRO, as one of the assets it plans to add. 

Wrap up

Crypto.com continues to exploit strategic grounds to explore the full potential of the digital currency ecosystem. Among the exploits of the platform are Cryto.com app, DeFi wallet, and NFT market. While we expect more growth in the platform and its asset in the future, we continue to guide you on how to exploit the many trading tools and products Crypto.com offers.

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