Upcoming Events

Cronos Chibis NFT Minting Event

On 14th May, 2222 Cronos Chibis will be warped into the Cronos universe! As they battle their way through different worlds, only the strongest and sharpest Chibis will reach their

200 CRO – 250 CRO

AlienCRO NFT Drop

The AlienCro NFT drop introduces you to the mysterious and uncovered outer ends of our universe. Get your hands on one of 1060 unique Aliens and be part of the intergalactic crypto exploration. A total of 7 traits were created by our very own designer and each Alien has a 100% unique combination of those

300 CRO

SmartFi AMA on Discord

Join us for the first SmartFi Community AMA . You will hear from SmartFi CEO Aaron Tilton and Joseph Allen (Supercross, NBC AGT Golden Buzzer, MTV’s The Challenge) discuss the SmartFi token SMTF and you can ask them any questions you may have. The best question (specific to SmartFi) will win $100 in SMTF.

Team Mustachios – Public Mint

Public mint of Team Mustachios NFTs! Our collection consists of 6666 high end 3D PFP generated with the state of art and particular attention to details. The team : We are two long time partners who worked on major interactive projects for many years including 3D games, events, live shows and we are now moving

300 CRO – 395 CRO

CroMan Society

CroMan Society Is A Collection 1111 Unique Croman living on the Cronos Blockchain. Staking, breeding included

30 CRO

CroSwap Phase 1 Lauch

What is the CroSwap Community Raise? The CroSwap Community Development Raise is Phase 1 of our CroSwap DEX launch. The intent of the ‘CroSwap Community Development Raise’ is to bring

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