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The Crobees NFT Mint – April 6th

April 6 @ 6:00 pm - April 13 @ 6:00 pm UTC

350 CRO

The Crobees are coming to pollinate the entire #cronos ecosystem !

📅Date: 04/06/2022 at 6pm UTC
💎Price: 350 #CRO // Founding Member Price: 300 #CRO
📍In @EbisusBay



Spring is here, bees are buzzing everywhere searching for pollen to forage ! In the hive, you have to work to deserve your pollen, the Queen Bee will not reward lazy bees. That’s why you will be soon able to put you Crobees at work (staking) in order to have some pollen to spend !

Let see how this will work !

For this article, we gonna name our token “pollen” because the DAO will choose right after the mint the name of it.

How it works ?

The production of pollen (token) is going to be a linear generation and not paired. Indeed, a linear generation is one which has no link with either the number of NFTs stacked or a liquidity pool. The generation is fixed and continuous through time. Each day, you will generate the same amount of token over time.


We decided to implement a simple generation and tokenomics to make it easy to understand and to use.


▶ Generation: 10 pollen / day
▶ Max Supply: No max supply
▶ Price: No pairing so it will depend of the items you will buy
▶ Burn process: All expenses are burnt

For example:

You decided to stake your NFT the 1st of April at 10:00 UTC, the 21th April at 10:00 UTC you will have: 10 x 20 = 200 pollen


The pollen that you generated will be tradable directly in the bee shop in our website.

This not -paired linear generation will permit to avoid the effects of Pump/Dump that you can see in the cryptocurrency market. It will make your investment in The Crobees more safe and will permit to reduce risk through time. You will have the chance to have a real investment that will generate more value for the holders than average project.

We explain in our medium article related to the roadmap that our goal is to diversified the rewards that you will get from the Bee shop. We want everyone to be able to have the things they want according to their wishes, their opinions, their investor mentality…

The first things we will add into the bee shop will be:

  • Queen’s Lottery tickets: Tickets for a monthly lottery we will organize with a part of the royalties of the project. There will be many winners and a lot of different prizes including: CRO, NFTs, WL spots of incoming projects…
  • NFTs & WL spots of partners
  • Merchandising of the project (the type of merchandising will be voted by the DAO)
  • Charity Vouchers: In order to protect our ecosystem, we want to add the possibility to buy some charity vouchers in the bee shop. The main goal is, as always, to diversify and not having only charity related to bees.

We know that one of the most important part of NFT staking is generating direct passive income from your investment, so we will sometimes add in the bee-shop a few CROs to generate CRO value directly from your NFTs.

Future of the bee shop

As you already know, we are always looking to the future and have a long-term vision. So the bee shop is destined to change through time, it is not fixed and we will probably add and/or retire some elements.

Elements that we are planning to add in the future:

  • Special Private NFTs
  • Limited Quantity items
  • More Merchandising

It is not an exhaustive list !

To conclude, our team wants to offer you real and long-term value for holding your NFTs, and we also want to offer you a wide selection of rewards to suit every desire. We hope you like our staking/bee shop process, it is an innovation in the market of cronos NFTs.

To end this medium, we just want to tell you that many other improvement are being discussed right now but it will be for an other medium ! 💐

Your Crobees Team.


April 6 @ 6:00 pm UTC
April 13 @ 6:00 pm UTC
350 CRO
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